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Iranian saffron wholesale

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The price of saffron in EuropeSaffron price 2022Buy 1 kilo of saffronThe price of 1 kilo of saffron in ItalySale of pure saffronSaffron store in FranceIranian saffron wholesaleSaffron delivery in GermanyImporter of saffron to the NetherlandsSaffron in the Europ
Iranian saffron wholesale

In which countries does the King brand deliver saffron to the customer’s address?
What will be the difference in the price of saffron in Europe in 2022 and 2023?
King Business Company is one of the important Iranian saffron wholesale centers in the European Union.

Iranian saffron wholesale
Iranian saffron wholesale

The price of saffron in Europe

Selling Iranian saffron in international markets has always had a good position.
King Business brand operates exclusively in the field of production, sale, and export of this important product.

Saffron price 2022

Considering that the products of this brand are supplied directly from the company’s farms, the sales rate of the product is completely equal to their quality.
We are passing the last months of 2022 while the price of saffron in Europe has crossed $3000.

Buy 1 kilo of saffron

Saffron is planted in European countries.
Of course, the harvest rate of this product is relatively low.
Therefore, bulk purchases in weights of 50, 100 kilos, and tonnage purchases are made through imports.
Saffron King Business is an importer of red gold to the European Union.

Buy 1 kilo of saffron
Buy 1 kilo of saffron

The price of 1 kilo of saffron in Italy

Selling Iranian saffron in different European countries has a relatively fixed price.
The price of 1 kilo of saffron in Italy, grade A+ is between 3450 and 3890 euros.
King brand imports the best Iranian saffron and Afghan red gold to European countries.

Sale of pure saffron

In which countries is the wholesale of Iranian saffron more profitable?
Considering that European buyers are quality-oriented, therefore the red gold of Iran is preferred by these buyers.
Large food companies and pharmaceutical industries are among the most important customers of this important product.

Saffron store in France

Grade A saffron is mostly bought and sold in retail.
The price of this type of product is in the middle compared to other grades.
Saffron store in France offers King brand products in grades N, A, and A+.

Saffron store in France
Saffron store in France

Iranian saffron wholesale

In what packages is saffron purchased by the kilo?
Usually, the product is delivered to bulk saffron buyers in standard packages weighing 250 grams to 1 kilogram.
90% of the customers who refer to King Business Iranian saffron wholesale center are large food and pharmaceutical companies.

Saffron delivery in Germany

One of the important services provided by King Business to its buyers in European countries is product delivery to their addresses.
Of course, exports are carried out by the DDP method to several Asian countries.
– China
– Afghanistan
King brand has two active sales branches in Germany.
Munich branch and the Iranian saffron wholesale branch in Frankfurt are two King brand sales centers.

Importer of saffron to the Netherlands

In the last few months, the export of saffron from Iran to abroad has been accompanied by many obstacles.
The increase in customs tariffs is one of these factors.
Of course, the lack of quality products in the market is another reason for the decrease in exports in these months.

Importer of saffron to the Netherlands
Importer of saffron to the Netherlands

Saffron in the Europ

King Business saffron company is an importer of saffron to the Netherlands.
The headquarters of this company is located in the city of Rotterdam and supplies an important part of saffron to the European market.

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