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Introducing the Iranian saffron producer?
Where is Saffron Wholesale Center?
In the following, we will answer these questions and what are the 4 important characteristics of pure saffron
Who is the seller of saffron and reputable companies that work in the field of buying and selling?
To buy Iranian saffron from the main producer, King Company, just contact our sales department.

Buy saffron from a farmer

Saffron is bought and sold in the market at different rates.
Today, the price of saffron is between $ 3 and $ 4.5.
The market trend is still stable and prices have not fluctuated much.
King Business is a supplier of saffron in the international market.
To buy bulk saffron from an Iranian saffron producer, all you have to do is contact our company’s sales department.
See the price list of each kilo of premium saffron below and select the option you want.

Price per kilo of saffron

Spanish saffron $ 1730
Negin type $ 1890 per kilo of saffron

selling saffron

Saffron Wholesale Center

In this center, saffron is offered in different weights.
Sales of Iranian saffron per kilogram are done in different packages.
In the following section, you can see the different types of packaging weights in the King Business store.

Retail of saffron in King Business online store

Iranian saffron wholesale

Packing 0.10 g
Saffron in a package of 0.25 grams
Half and one gram packs

Wholesale saffron Store – seller of saffron

1 gramme de safran en euros

Bulk sale of saffron in a package of 250 grams
Wholesale sale of saffron in half kg packaging
Saffron in a package of half and one kilogram

Characteristics of Iranian saffron

The price of Iranian saffron

This type of saffron has several degrees of quality, but in general, they have several common features, such as:
All stigmas are red, which is known as all-red saffron in the international market.
The crocin content of this product is between 220-and 250.
The price of each kilo of saffron in the international market (in the King Saffron store) is $ 1690.
Of course, to buy is more than 5 kg.
Iranian saffron producer seller of saffron

Price per kg of saffron 2023

Iranian saffron producer

As mentioned earlier, premium saffron is used in many industries due to its cost-effectiveness.
The most common use of this sample is in the field of saffron retail.
King Business offers red gold in different types.
Do you need saffron for export ?!
You can use the best-selling examples of this company.

Il prezzo dello zafferano persiano

Asl Saffron Wholesale Center

There are various centers in the saffron industry and many are active in the field of saffron retail.
One of the largest wholesale companies of saffron in Europe is King Business, which annually supplies large quantities of red gold to international markets.
All products are marketed in different packages and different weights.
The minimum purchase price per kilogram of pure saffron is one kilogram of saffron.

Saffron in the European

Buy saffron abroad

Access to King Business Company as a seller of saffron for export in the international market is very easy.
So that if you are in Europe, you can contact the sales offices of the company in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, etc., and have your order delivered to your address.
Dear customers in China, UAE, Turkey, Afghanistan, Indonesia, etc. can also receive their order from the company’s office in their country in the shortest possible time.

Buying saffron

Order registration from saffron supplier

Please note that if you make a purchase from the company’s offices outside of Iran, you will receive the products at the wholesale rate of the same country.
When you buy your products from a reputable company, you will receive a good price and quality.
To register an order from a saffron supplier and buy the best-selling saffron in Europe, you can contact our experts.
Do you also want to be one of the saffron sales branches of our company in your city?
Contact our experts to obtain cooperation licenses and sign contracts.

Saffron King sales branches

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