Consulting and ordering

Consulting and ordering

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We are a producer of saffron and we have agricultural land in Iran and Afghanistan and we cultivate saffron so you can buy the original saffron from us without intermediaries and at a very good price. Saffron King Business is registered in Europe and Almas Saffron Jahan is registered in Iran. We are a wholesaler of saffron. We specialize in the sale and export of saffron and export Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron to all over the world.

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+۹۸۹۱۲۰۸۶۷۹۰۳ : ۰۰۳۱۶۱۳۹۶۳۱۹۰ : ۰۰۴۹۱۷۶۸۷۹۱۳۸۷۶

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