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The largest saffron export in 2021

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Which country is famous for saffron?Who is the The largest saffron exporters in 2021?

The largest saffron export in 2021 is from our collection that we have been able to introduce this product to the market and customers by having first class saffron and deliver this product to the customer at a completely fair price and attract many customers.

The largest saffron export in 2021

Which country is famous for saffron?

Which country is famous for saffron? Iran is one of the countries that is known as a source of saffron and exports this product to most countries, which is also one of the best saffron in the market.

Separating the main saffron from the branch of the saffron stamp is the simplest method, since the branches of the saffron stamp have three branches and the upper part is a horn that tapers downward while having a slightly spicy flavor.
If powdered saffron can only be detected with laboratory instruments.
However, there are other ways to do this.

Method 1: The difference in appearance of the plants: corn directly on the cob, but the saffron flag is inclined.

Method 2: Place saffron pieces over a gas flame, in which case the pure saffron will turn purple or orange depending on its potassium.
However, in the case of false saffron, a yellow color is formed.

Method 3: If we put saffron threads between straw paper (newsprint) and press it a little, it should not leave an oil stain.
If so, it is most likely fake saffron.

How to store saffron: Saffron should be kept away from light and moisture in a glass container, especially after grinding, as the essential oil of saffron will evaporate over time and from its medicinal substance, as the essential oil (aromatic substances) of saffron can evaporate if stored incorrectly.
their effects and taste are reduced and their quality is lost.

A health advice: When purchasing saffron, pay attention to the packaging type and characteristics listed on the packages, including the manufacturing and operating license number from the Ministry of Health, the production and expiry date and the manufacturer’s address.

The first and perhaps the most important factor in determining the quality of saffron is horn-like saffron. Look at the picture above again.

In each branch of saffron, you can easily see that the head of each saffron branch has a horn-like shape and the larger this part of the horn, the higher the coloring power of that saffron.

The strength of color is very important to humans, but not all colors are good.

The artificial color of saffron makes the water orange.

The true color of saffron in the first water should be yellow, then the juice should be orange.

Trumpet heads such as saffron are essential for export.

Exported saffron must have this feature.

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Who is the The largest saffron exporters in 2021?

Who is the The largest saffron exporters in 2021? Iran is one of the largest producers of saffron and exports this product to other countries with the best price and completely hygienic packaging. Therefore, you can refer to our site for more information about iran saffron export.

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