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Price per kilo of saffron in Germany and premium saffron

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Why is saffron expensive?What is the price of 1 kg of saffron?How much is 10 to 50 grams of premium saffron?Price per kilo of saffron in GermanySaffron online store in Munich
Consumption of saffron for women

In the German market, 1 gram of saffron is bought and sold for an average of 5 to 10 euros.
The Price per kilo of saffron in Germany of Saffron King brand varies from 9,800 _ 2,100 euros.

Why is saffron expensive?

Why is saffron expensive?
Why is saffron expensive?

This useful plant is small in size, rich in properties and somewhat expensive.
Perhaps it is because of these special properties that it is called red gold.
1 gram of quality red gold can give a lot of wonderful color and aroma to our food.
Considering the properties of this product and its various applications, it can be said that it has a balanced rate.

What is the price of 1 kg of saffron?

The Munich market is one of the major centers for the sale of kilograms and bulk of red gold.
In online stores, this product is offered in packages tailored to the consumer market.
The price of 1 kg of KING Grade A saffron is sold on average $ 1.230 _ $ 1.440.
Grade A + with KING brand is different from $ 1.240 _ $ 1.980. (Price per kilo of Negin saffron in Munich)

How much is 10 to 50 grams of premium saffron?

The Berlin market is mostly faced with consumers who want to get the product in daily consumption.
For this group of buyers, usually 1 gram and 0.25 gram packaging is suitable.
Saffron King stores make it easy for consumers to choose the product and type of packaging.
Product packaging weights in this collection:

0.1 g
0.25 g
1 g
2 grams
5 grams
10 grams
20 grams
50 grams of premium saffron (a special type for use in restaurants that is usually offered in this package.)

Price per kilo of saffron in Germany

Price per kilo of saffron in Germany
Price per kilo of saffron in Germany

What is the wholesale profit of red gold in Europe?
The German market welcomes the purchase and sale of this product.
Large companies and international traders offer red gold in bulk and by kilograms in the markets of Munich and Berlin.
The Price per kilo of saffron offered by Saffron King Company to the market of Berlin and other cities is between $ 890 _ $ 1560.

Saffron online store in Munich is one of the most reputable saffron online stores in Munich.
Customers can select their desired product online and place an order.
KING offices in Munich, Berlin and other cities are ready to provide services.
The price of each gram of saffron in Berlin is between 3 and 6 euros.

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