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Today’s price of saffron is one bulk grade

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What is a bulk saffron grade?Selling premium saffron?Buy and sell saffronWholesale pure saffron: price of saffronSelling the best saffronThe most reputable seller of saffron
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5% increase in the market and today’s price of saffron grade one bulk ?!
Terms of special plan for buying and selling saffron in Saffron KING Business
What is the market price for wholesale pure saffron?

What is a bulk saffron grade?

What is a bulk saffron grade?
What is a bulk saffron grade?

Red gold is mainly offered in the market in two forms of kilograms and hot packaging.
These two types of sales have their own buyers.

One kilo of saffron $ 398 (for purchases over 50 kg)
$ 750 per kilo of premium saffron
For purchases between 5 to 10 kg 880 dollars
Buy 1 to 5 kg $ 997
The price of one gram of saffron is $ 2.5

Ordinary consumer: who buys the product at low weights
Intermediaries that operate in the market from production to product distribution.

Intermediary group: includes traders and exporting companies that send the product to international markets,
Also companies that are active in the field of product packaging in the domestic market.
This group buys the product in bulk and offers red gold in accordance with their destination market.

Selling premium saffron?

Consumers and main buyers of saffron are usually in packages of 0/10 – 0/25, half a gram and one gram.
A housewife goes to a store or shop according to her consumption, red gold
They buy.
Red gold retail in our country is mostly offered for the domestic market.
Selling one grade bulk saffron is more useful for sending to global markets.
That is, 1 kg and 2 kg packages. Of course, in order to maintain the quality of the products, our packaging is 250 grams and a half kilograms.
In countries such as Spain, which have an advanced packaging industry, they do international retail.

Buy and sell saffron

What is a bulk saffron grade?
Buy and sell saffron

The closer we get to the time of red gold collection, the hotter the discussion of buying and selling this product.
At the end of September and in August is the time to collect saffron flowers.
It is predicted that the products of our farms will be of very good quality this year.
Our farmers try to offer you the best saffron with the highest quality.
The sale and purchase of saffron, whether in retail or wholesale, will increase in the market.
Of course, Today’s price of saffron will increase this month and next month.

Wholesale pure saffron: price of saffron

Saffron KING Company specializes in the sale and export of red gold.
Pure saffron is one of the most reputable wholesale centers.
As mentioned above, our company sells in bulk.
This means that you buy saffron directly from our farmers.
All our products are marketed with 100% guaranteed quality.
Providing a laboratory analysis sheet with the product and a price commensurate with its quality has attracted customer satisfaction.

Selling the best saffron

Selling the best saffron
Selling the best saffron

KING brand is one of the most popular and well-known saffron brands.
Today, the Today’s price of saffron and the terms of sale of the best saffron are uploaded daily on the company’s website.
Our company is headquartered in the Netherlands and has sales branches of this international company in different countries.

South Korea
New Zealand
United Arab Emirates
Sri Lanka
Hindu …

The most reputable seller of saffron

Saffron KING is one of the most reputable saffron sellers and a global brand.
Sell ​​you the best red gold at the best price.
Due to the fact that we are a producer of saffron and have sales branches in different countries of the world.
And also due to the ability of our company to supply saffron, you can buy your products with confidence from our company stores.
Today’s price of saffron is uploaded daily in the online saffron store.

If you want to buy saffron or you want to cooperate with us in selling saffron, you can contact our experts.

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