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Saffron sales centerSpecifications of saffron grade oneBuy saffron with 100% guaranteeCharacteristics of export saffronThe best saffron on the marketWholesale high quality saffron
Online sale of saffron

In this article, we will introduce the products and how to buy saffron with a guarantee from KING brand:
What is the best saffron in the European market?
In which countries are KING saffron sales center branches active?
What are the specifications of saffron grade one export?

Saffron sales center

Saffron King specializes in the sale and export of red gold.
This reputable sales center plants high quality saffron in its equipped farms in Herat region of Afghanistan and Ghainat region of Iran.
Our experienced experts produce the best red gold for each country’s market.
King Company sales offices are located in the following countries.

Sri Lanka
New Zealand

Specifications of saffron grade one

What are the characteristics of the best saffron in the market?
Perfume and fragrance
The taste of saffron
The amount of red gold color
Appearance and shape of saffron strings

These are considered as 4 basic and important characteristics in determining the quality of red gold.
KING saffron has healthy and large strands, all red color and has a wonderful aroma and taste.

Buy saffron with 100% guarantee

One of the measures we take for customer satisfaction is that we guarantee the quality of all our products 100%.
Red gold is a valuable product and in buying and selling it, it is necessary to observe the standards and standards related to it.
Since there are so many people and companies working in this field, it is always a question of:
Where to go to buy saffron with a guarantee and pure?
And of course, the price of saffron has been a priority for buyers of this product.
King Business Company offers high quality saffron to its esteemed customers with a 100% guarantee.

Characteristics of export saffron

Going to reputable centers that deliver the product to us through laboratory analysis is the most logical way to buy red gold.
Some characteristics of KING brand saffron that make it different from other brands in the market:

Planting and maintenance of the product under the supervision of experienced experts
Proper and hygienic collection of red gold
Specialized drying and processing of the product equipped with handles
Standard and quality packaging

Saffron king Business is a wholesaler and exporter of premium red gold.
This international company is active all over the world and produces, packages and ships its products in accordance with the market of the destination country.

The best saffron on the market

Getting to know the customer and the target market is the first step in a business.
KING has been operating in various global markets for many years.
One of the main reasons for the success of the company’s red gold global trade is the accurate knowledge of its destination markets.

The company’s R&D team examines the tastes and market priorities of all countries.
Then, the experts of the production department produce and press the products in accordance with the components of the target market.
In the end: premium saffron is exported in special packages to the market of the desired country.

Wholesale high quality saffron

Due to the fact that we are a wholesaler of premium saffron, so we offer you 1 gram and a half gram of saffron in 1000 packages.
Of course, in wholesale, the packaging is 250 grams and 400 grams.
The specialized and scientific process of production, planting, collection and standard packaging is done by different parts of the company.
Due to the fact that zero to one hundred products are provided by the company’s staff, the pricing of products is also done by our experts. In fact, you can buy the high quality saffron at the best price directly from the farmer.
Contact us to know the price of high quality KING brand saffron and to buy the highest quality red gold for the market of each country.

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