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Retail price of saffronWholesale bulk saffronExport of saffron and COVID 19Premium saffron prices in the marketSaffron price forecast in 2022
The price of saffron collected this year

What is the wholesale of bulk saffron?
What are the characteristics of pure saffron and grade A?
Saffron market forecast in 2022
Is the price of one gram of saffron and bulk sales increasing this month ?!
Premium saffron prices of Saffron King brand saffron is between $ 890 and $ 1450.

Retail price of saffron

Retail price of saffron
Retail price of saffron

This product is usually marketed in the weights of 0.05, 0.25 and a half and one gram.
The retail price of saffron is between $ 1.5 and $ 2.
Due to the fact that we are the wholesaler of saffron, in our company’s web shop, the same saffron package is offered in the amount of 1000 bags.
If you want to buy a lower quantity, you can buy weights of one gram and so on from our sales branches.

Wholesale bulk saffron

When the product is offered to the market in packages of half a kilo or more, it is called kilo and bulk sales.
In Saffron King Company, wholesale bulk saffron is offered in packages of 250 grams.
For example, a buyer who orders one kilo of red gold will be offered a package of 4 packages of 250 grams.
If the product is packaged in high weights, the possibility of breaking and damaging the saffron strands is high.
Therefore, we try to package the products in such a way that the quality of saffron is completely maintained.

Export of saffron and COVID 19

Export of saffron and COVID 19
Export of saffron and COVID 19

An overview of the economic and trade trends of the market in recent years shows the increasing trend of product prices.
The outbreak of COVID 19 this month has been more intense and has disrupted the normal trend of global markets.
The sale and export of red gold is also affected by the social, economic and even political currents of the country.
Not only is the coronavirus now unchecked, but new versions of it are making people more anxious every day.
It is a bit difficult to predict the selling rate of red gold and the process of exporting and buying and selling it in the new year.

Premium saffron prices in the market

Ghainat region is one of the oldest centers for production and planting of red gold in Mashhad.
The high quality of the products of this region is known in the world.
Due to the fact that our company has an agricultural farm in Iran and Afghanistan and plants saffron, so you can buy saffron directly from our farmers.
For this reason, the Premium saffron pricesin the market is very expensive, but in our company, the same product is offered to you at the best price.

Saffron price forecast in 2022

Saffron price forecast in 2022
Saffron price forecast in 2022

In the new year, the Premium saffron prices is expected to increase by 10%.
As the year draws to a close, new products will hit the market.
Saffron King is a manufacturer and exporter of red gold.
Given that we import products directly from our farms, we definitely have a more balanced price fluctuation than the market.

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