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Characteristics of pure saffronSpecifications of Mancha saffronBuy the best premium saffronHow to choose the best brand of saffronBuy bulk saffronThe largest saffron storeCheck the specifications of premium saffronWholesale saffroSeller of bulk saffron
The price of saffron collected this year

We can say that Iran can be the largest producer of saffron in the world.
Of course, Iranian saffron has a high and unique quality.
Its pleasant aroma and unique savory are excellent in a variety of foods, desserts and sweets.
Red gold is used as a spice and condiment in a variety of foods.
Saffron King is the largest store of premium and pure saffron.

Characteristics of pure saffron

Characteristics of pure saffron
Characteristics of pure saffron

Saffron that has a good taste, aroma and loose appearance and no chemical dyes and essential oils have been added to it.
The use of red gold as a seasoning for food and to decorate foods is very common.
The use of this product has a special place in the food of Asian countries since ancient times and it can be named as the most popular seasoning along with food.

Specifications of Mancha saffron

This product is produced in different types such as Sargol saffron, Mancha saffron, etc.
Mancha saffron is one of the best saffron on the market.
As you know, saffron is obtained from purple flowers and the stigma of purple flowers is called saffron.
Mancha saffron The white part of the stigma is not separated from the rest and the product is sold this way, this unique feature of Mancha saffron shows the originality of the product.

Buy the best premium saffron

If you also want the best premium products from the largest saffron store
Buy You can contact us right now.
If you use Mancha saffron, due to the whiteness of the end of the saffron, it can be understood that you have bought genuine and pure saffron.
When buying premium saffron, care must be taken that this product is purchased from reputable places and brands in the name of the buyer to ensure the high quality of the product.

How to choose the best brand of saffron

Red gold should be purchased in standard packages, also the beautiful appearance and good taste of saffron, shows its high quality.
Saffron King is one of the most reputable brands in the field of selling and exporting red gold.

Buy bulk saffron

Buy bulk saffron
Buy bulk saffron

If you buy red gold in bulk and by the kilo, make sure that this product is offered according to hygienic and standard standards.
Saffron King Company is active in the field of major saffron supply and offers this product to the market with the highest quality level.
Today, many centers are active in supplying counterfeit saffron.

The largest saffron store

Our company offers the best 100% guaranteed saffron to the market and has been able to be successful in exporting to different countries in addition to domestic markets.
Saffron has been one of the food seasonings that has a very high price.
It also includes different types, of which Mancha has been one of the different types. Saffron production has been significantly important.
Major supply of premium saffron is possible by having proper packaging of the main producers at a reasonable price from the producers and suppliers of this product in different direct and indirect methods.

Check the specifications of premium saffron

Premium saffron is one of the types of red gold that has been offered to the market in the degree of reciprocal qualities.
In fact, saffron is excellent in that all its strands are red in one hand.
It has high quality, aroma and taste as well as coloring.
In fact, these are the reasons why this type of premium saffron is offered at a higher price than the market.

Wholesale saffro

Wholesale saffron
Wholesale saffron

Those who buy products from wholesale saffron pay a lower price per kilo of saffron.
Each type of red gold has a different quality.
Usually in most centers that mainly use saffron, preferred Mancha saffron is chosen.
Because there is no doubt about its authenticity, the yellow part of it has made it impossible for fraudsters to market it as a form of fraud, and the major buyers and consumers, who are usually chocolate and ice cream factories.
Because this product is mainly consumed, they usually buy it in bulk and at a cheaper price.

Seller of bulk saffron

It is one of the most reputable sellers and the largest store of King saffron.
The bulk saffron seller sells red gold in different weights to the market today.
Packages of 250 g and 400 g are used for the sample.
Of course, our company will give you 250 grams of sample for free to buy 20 kg higher.

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