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Wholesale saffron prices in Italy

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The wholesale price of saffron in ItalySaffron prices in ItalyPurchase price of 300 kg of saffronSale of saffron in EuropeExport of saffron to ItalySaffron online store
Wholesale saffron prices in Italy

What is the price of each kilo of saffron in the European market today?
King Business Company is one of the most reputable companies in the field of saffron wholesale in Italy and other European countries.
What is the wholesale price of saffron in Italy? (See the price list of saffron types in the following section)
In the following section, you can see how to buy saffron in Italy, at the King Business store.

Wholesale saffron prices in Italy
Wholesale saffron prices in Italy

The wholesale price of saffron in Italy

What is the difference between the wholesale purchase price of saffron and orders of less than one kilogram?
In the table below, you can see the prices of different types of saffron
Several factors affect the pricing of saffron, which we will mention in the following section.
Type of product packaging
Order quantity and purchase of saffron
Product quality
Country or city where saffron is delivered

Saffron prices in Italy

For orders between 50 and 100 kg, the price per kilogram is 2290 euros.
Of course, note that shipping costs and taxes will be added to these prices.
Product packaging costs are borne by King Business, but if you order a different type of packaging, you will be responsible for extra packaging costs.
The price of saffron in Italy, in general, may change, so we suggest that you contact the business consultants of King Business directly and get detailed information about product prices, delivery time, pre-invoice validity, and announcement prices.
Get it from our company consultants

Purchase price of 300 kg of saffron

Large companies and reputable traders usually buy products in bulk.
In this section, you can see the purchase price of 300 kg of saffron.
There are special conditions for orders over 50 kg, which we suggest you contact our business consultants for more information.

Each kilo of grade A saffron = 1690 Euros

Order 200 to 300 kg of saffron grade A + 1780 Euros

The price of each kilo of grade A ++ saffron is 1890 Euros

Sale of saffron in Europe

King Business Company is one of the most reputable saffron sellers and suppliers in Europe.
Selling and exporting saffron requires expertise, and King Business Company has shown to be one of the largest saffron stores in Europe by providing special services and quality products to the market.
In different European countries, we will deliver the saffron to your final destination, ie to the address you tell us.

Of course, this company also exports red gold to other countries in the world.

Sale of saffron in Europe
Sale of saffron in Europe

Export of saffron to Italy

Over the years, King Business Company has been exporting saffron to various European countries as well as various Italian cities.
Exporting saffron to Europe requires experience because the Italians pay a lot of attention to the quality of products, the type of packaging, and the purchase price of saffron.
Export of saffron to Italy and its various cities:

Italy has very experienced traders who buy products from Kings and send them to other European countries.

Saffron online store

One of the best ways to buy saffron in Italy is to buy the products you need from the King Saffron online store.
Selling saffron online allows you to buy a saffron sample and after making sure of the quality of the products, make your bulk purchase of saffron with confidence from King Business Company.
Do you also want to buy the highest quality products at the best price from King Business Company?
For complete information on how to buy and how to receive a saffron sample, please contact the consultants of the parent company.

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