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Importing saffron to the UAE

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The best trade with DubaiApplications of saffronExport of saffron to the UAEPrice per kilo of saffron in DubaiSaffron supplierImporting saffron to the UAE by Saffron King CompanySaffron sellerSaffron prices in the Abu Dhabi marketProfit from selling saffron in the Morshed market

Why is exporting Iranian saffron the best trade with Dubai?
What is the price of a kilo of saffron in Dubai?
How to buy the best saffron for export to UAE?
Large Importing saffron to the UAE is done by King Saffron Company.
In this article, we examine the profit of selling saffron in the Murshid market and the price of saffron in the Abu Dhabi market.

Importing saffron to the UAE
Importing saffron to the UAE

The best trade with Dubai

The countries bordering the Persian Gulf are important destinations for the export of various Iranian products.
These countries are not only consumers of Iranian products but also export red gold to other countries.
Many buyers of products in this city come from European or American countries.

Applications of saffron

One of the best products to offer in this country is Iranian saffron, which has many fans.
Emirati people use saffron in various industries.
As we have seen in recent years, in addition to the food and dyeing industries, the cosmetics industry has also joined the ranks of saffron consumers.
In addition to cosmetic creams, skin masks, and therapeutic and edible oils, saffron colognes have also found many fans.
One of the most lucrative commodities for sale in Dubai is red gold.
But which saffron should be exported?

Applications of saffron
Applications of saffron

Export of saffron to the UAE

King Business has a sales branch in Dubai.
Iranian red gold and Afghan saffron are offered to the Dubai market by the King branch.
Saffron is sent from Dubai to neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, etc.
Having a branch in Dubai has provided the conditions to export saffron to the UAE using the DDP method.

Price per kilo of saffron in Dubai

Delivery of saffron in the UAE is done by King Saffron Company, address.
That’s why the final price varies depending on the address you provide.
Please note that delivery prices in Dubai are for the King Saffron brand only.

Saffron supplier

Therefore, whatever product and brand you have other than this brand, the price conditions will be different for you.
You are also responsible for not selling at the prices announced by this company (products that you did not buy from this company).
King Business Company only offers its products by Importing saffron to the UAE.

Saffron supplier
Saffron supplier

Importing saffron to the UAE by Saffron King Company

Currently, about 46% of the bulk saffron market in Dubai is monopolized by King Business.
This is the monopoly and supply chain between this company and the UAE merchants.

Saffron seller

Some products are offered under the King brand and others are offered by the company’s business partners.
If you want to buy directly from the largest importer of bulk saffron to Dubai, contact us
To Importing saffron to the UAE, if you have saffron, you have to go through another way, and this company only acts as a supplier of red gold in Dubai and other countries.

Saffron seller
Saffron seller

Saffron prices in the Abu Dhabi market

In general, selling Iranian saffron in Dubai has many advantages.
The modernity of Abu Dhabi and the quality of its centers have made all goods to be offered many qualities.
The average price per kilo of saffron in Dubai is about $ 1600 to $ 2400.
But we see certain qualities of saffron like the Saffron King brand in this city selling for about $ 2800 (consumer price).

Profit from selling saffron in the Morshed market

One of the most popular markets in Dubai is Murshid Market.
Many guilds are operating in this market.
Many of the shops in this market belong to Iranians
Therefore, selling Iranian products in this market makes work easier for people.
But in the end, your sales profit in this market is directly related to how you operate.
Wholesale sales in this market require more marketing.

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