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Export of saffron to China and wholesale of saffron

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Buy saffron from IranHow to Export of saffron to ChinaPurchase price of 100 kg of saffronBarriers to saffron exports from Iran to different countriesHow to send saffron to ShanghaiWholesale saffron onlineSales branches of Saffron King Company

China is one of the important destinations for Iranian saffron exports.
In this article, we refer to the method of Export of saffron to China and the wholesale of saffron in the Shanghai market by Saffron King Business Company.
Despite numerous export barriers, the King brand is still one of the best sellers in the Chinese market.

Export of saffron to China and wholesale of saffron
Export of saffron to China and wholesale of saffron

Buy saffron from Iran

The country has restricted the purchase of saffron from Iran for the past several months.
However, large quantities of saffron were sent to China from the eastern borders of the country.
The smuggling of saffron was severely restricted by the Chinese government enforcing the registration code for traders.
Saffron King Business Company exports all kinds of Iranian red gold to all countries.
The Hong Kong and Shanghai markets are important buyers of the King brand.

How to Export of saffron to China

King Business Saffron Company is a wholesaler and exporter of saffron.
All types of saffron are exported from Iran and Afghanistan to the European headquarters and from there to all countries
Currently, saffron is Export of saffron to China by King Business Company in CIF form, ie delivery behind customs.
The Shanghai Sales Branch in Shanghai is in the process of completing its office, and all Chinese customer orders will be delivered to their addresses in the next few months.

How to Export of saffron to China
How to Export of saffron to China

Purchase price of 100 kg of saffron

Several factors affect the price of saffron
Saffron delivery place
Buyer order amount
product type
How and when to pay
And several other factors, each of which can affect the final rate of the product
For orders of 100 kilos of saffron, delivery behind Chinese customs is an average of $ 1890 per kilo.

Barriers to saffron exports from Iran to different countries

Turkey, China, and India are among the countries that impose heavy barriers to the import of Iranian saffron.
In the current situation, customs tariffs inside Iran have been added to the barriers of destination countries.
However, red gold exports grew well in the first half of this year.
Saudi Arabia is another country that opposes the import of Iranian saffron into the country.

Barriers to saffron exports from Iran to different countries
Barriers to saffron exports from Iran to different countries

How to send saffron to Shanghai

Saffron is sent to China in 50 kg, 100 kg, and 200 kg parts.
According to the agreement and contract that the buyer and the company have with each other, the weight of each part and the time of sending it are determined
After agreeing on the price and confirming the sample sent to the buyer, the order sending process begins
Saffron can be sent from Germany, Spain, or the head office in the Netherlands, depending on the delivery time and negotiation with the buyer.
If the customer wants us to send him saffron from Iran, this will be done.

Wholesale saffron online

The King brand store site that covers all countries online is Saffronking. shop.
Types of products, different packaging, and their selling prices are on this website.
Sales and order registration are in bulk.
The amount of saffron sample is 250 grams, which is provided free of charge for purchases of 50 kg and above.
Purchase of saffron in partial packages is also offered in bulk and at least 1000 packages of each weight.

Wholesale saffron online
Wholesale saffron online

Sales branches of Saffron King Company

Saffron King Business Company delivers customer orders to their addresses throughout the European Union.
In most countries, we have sales branches, including:
New Zealand
Export of saffron to China
We will deliver any amount and type of saffron that the customer requests in the shortest time.
For other destinations, the product is presented to the buyer behind customs.

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