The largest supplier and seller of saffron throughout Europe, Saffron King Business Company

Export of saffron and saffron importers to world markets

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Lawson exporting saffron abroadThe largest importers of saffronExport of saffron to Europe, SpainWhat is the price of saffron today?Sale of bulk and packaged saffronSaffron exporting companiesSaffron importing countriesSales branches of King Business Company

King Business Company has been operating as the best seller and supplier of saffron in international markets since 2012.
King brand sales branches in different countries are wholesalers of bulk and packaged saffron.
Export of saffron to Europe and Arab countries by this international company in 2022 has a significant upward trend.

Export of saffron and saffron importers to world markets
Export of saffron and saffron importers to world markets

Lawson exporting saffron abroad

In recent months, the international and domestic markets of countries have returned to normal.
Barriers to communication and trade between countries due to the coronavirus have almost disappeared.
Therefore, the laws related to the export of saffron abroad have changed slightly.

The largest importers of saffron

Currently, political sanctions are in fact the most important obstacle to the export of Iranian products
King Business goes bankrupt in Europe and imports more than 60% of saffron to European countries
In April and March 2022, important contracts were signed with Arab countries by King Company to supply saffron.

Export of saffron to Europe, Spain

Spain is one of the largest importers of Iranian saffron and other countries producing this product
With the reduction of export barriers in international markets, but still, saffron exports from Iran are facing problems
The increase in customs tariffs in recent weeks is one of the major barriers to exports
King Business Company is engaged in exporting saffron to Europe, Spain, and all countries
The products are first exported to the European headquarters and then sent to all countries.

Export of saffron to Europe, Spain
Export of saffron to Europe, Spain

What is the price of saffron today?

Several important factors are effective in increasing the price of saffron today

The first case of lack of pure saffron in the market is due to the low harvest of this product in the 1400 crop year in saffron planting centers.
Increased costs for processing and packaging red gold in the market
Increase in customs tariffs applied to the export of products

Sale of bulk and packaged saffron

Generally, more than 50 grams of saffron is considered bulk sales, and at lower weights, saffron retail sales are
The most common retail weights are from one to ten grams
King Business is a wholesaler and exporter of red gold
King brand bulk saffron sales and packaging center is one of the largest red gold supply centers in Europe

Saffron exporting companies

King Business saffron is one of the largest companies selling and exporting saffron in the world
The company covers the whole of the European Union and most other countries including:
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
New Zealand

Has a branch and sales office In 2021, despite the low volume of exports, King Saffron was able to be one of the most successful companies exporting saffron.

Saffron exporting companies
Saffron exporting companies

Saffron importing countries

Afghanistan had good international relations and easily exported saffron produced by its farms as well as Iranian saffron to all countries.
Saffron has not been imported to Afghanistan for the past few months as the country’s political situation has stabilized
Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia
And the United Arab Emirates
They are one of the most important importers of Iranian saffron

Sales branches of King Business Company

Saffron King Business Company is one of the largest importers of saffron to Europe Saffron King Business company
Since 2012, King Business’s sales branches have been operating in all countries
The company is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
The company has active branches in Germany, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Norway, and other countries, including the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan Region, and … is active

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