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Bulk saffron price in 2021

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Why is saffron so rare?Bulk price of the best saffron

Iranian saffron has a high economic value and many countries around the world want this product. saffron origin produced and processed completely organically in Iran. Saffron is packaged in all kinds of cans and due to its high value, this product is packaged in weight. Bulk saffron price in 2021 is very cheap and it is possible to inquire about the price of saffron through this center.

Bulk saffron price in 2021

Why is saffron so rare?

Why is saffron so rare? Saffron is a strategic product that accounts for an important part of Iran s non oil exports. The area under cultivation of this product in Iran is more than one hundred and twenty five thousand per hectare and has made Iran the largest producer of saffron in the world. About 500 tons of saffron are harvested annually from Iranian agricultural lands, a significant part of which is exported.

The provinces of North, South and Razubi Khorasan produce most of the saffron. Of course, today Ardabil and Qom provinces have also started cultivating this product. Saffron is available in various forms such as noodles, powder or liquid in the market. The best type of saffron is marketed as a string. Saffron powder also has its own customers, but it is recommended that this product be powdered at home by a mortar, because powdered saffron has the highest amount of aroma and color.

Saffron is a rare spice; This product is produced only from the stigmas of the saffron plant, so it is very rare and expensive. In industrialized countries, Iranian saffron is used in many industries. This product is also used in the textile industry in addition to the food industry due to its excellent coloring. Saffron is also used in the carpet weaving industry and most silk carpets are made with natural colors such as saffron, so they are world famous.

Other saffron products include saffron oil and syrup. Saffron syrup is mostly consumed in summer and quenches thirst.

Bulk price of the best saffron

Bulk price of the best saffron The use of saffron is a thousand years old among the people of Iran and is used for various purposes. The selling price of Iranian saffron is very reasonable, so it has a high demand from domestic and foreign markets. The United Arab Emirates, China, Afghanistan and Spain are the largest importers of saffron and most of Irans saffron exports to these countries, so Iran meets the needs of the world’s people for saffron.

This product is marketed under different brands, each of which has different characteristics. The best Iranian saffron is distributed at reasonable prices and mainly in world markets to meet the needs of the people for this spice.

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