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Saffron price update in Turkey

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Wholesale saffron in IstanbulHow to buy saffronSaffron price update in TurkeySelling the best premium saffronExport of saffron to TurkeySale of bulk saffronThe best-selling saffron in the market
Prices of bulk saffron and types of saffron

Do you also want to buy the best quality saffron this year?
The price of saffron has increased by 5% or more this month.
The saffron wholesale office in Istanbul today published an Saffron price update in Turkey.
The price of each kilo of KING Grade A saffron is between $ 1,130 and $ 1,450.

Wholesale saffron in Istanbul

Saffron price update in Turkey
Saffron price update in Turkey

Istanbul Bazaar is one of the important centers for buying and selling all kinds of products.
Due to the large size of this city, saffron trade and sales are very prosperous here.
That is why Saffron KING is headquartered in this city.
Wholesale saffron in Istanbul and trade in other products in these large markets is very attractive for saffron traders and buyers.

How to buy saffron

In order to be able to accurately announce the selling price of the product to the buyer, you need to have basic information:
In fact, we can say that these factors affect the price of each kilogram of saffron.
Product type (Negin saffron, Sargol saffron, Super Negin saffron, …)
Product grade (A ++, N, A, + A)
Order amount – purchase amount
Where is the order delivery destination?
To receive the price of saffron in Turkey, inform the company’s sales experts so that they can provide you with the final price of the order.

Saffron price update in Turkey

Saffron price update in Turkey
Saffron price update in Turkey

Due to the fact that many things affect the price of saffron, but Saffron KING company publishes daily Saffron price update in Turkey
on its website.
The price of a kilo of saffron in the market today was between 980 to 1500 dollars.

Selling the best premium saffron

Two categories that are a priority for the buyer of any product:

Product quality
Sale price of saffron
When buying red gold, the best way for a customer to access a quality product is to buy from reputable centers.
Saffron KING has an official sales office in Istanbul.
The company’s products are presented to esteemed customers with a 100% guarantee and valid international certificates and certifications.

Export of saffron to Turkey

Imports of Iranian red gold to Turkey face many restrictions.
Heavy customs tariffs
The tax they receive from the seller for receiving product ISOs is significant.
The cost of sending and transporting red gold to this country has reduced saffron exports to Turkey.
In 2022, saffron exports to Turkey will increase.

Sale of bulk saffron

Sale of bulk saffron
Sale of bulk saffron

Although the Istanbul market has a favorable environment for economic activity, but with the cost of importing and transporting the product, the percentage of profit of the seller of the products decreases.
Saffron KING Company is the wholesaler of red gold and exports saffron to Turkey by DDP method.
This means that we can deliver saffron to your address from any city in this country and any amount of products requested.
In the above section, you saw the Saffron price update in Turkey ​and in the next article, we will examine the reason for the high price of saffron.

The best-selling saffron in the market

Saffron KING brand has been one of the best-selling red gold brands in the Turkish market since 2015.
The products of this brand are tailored to the market of each country and are produced and processed exclusively.
Special type of packaging as well as standard certificate for the product is prepared and then quality saffron is presented to you. In addition, the best price and 100% guaranteed quality is one of the important points that we offer you

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