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The best saffron wholesalers 2021

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What is saffron used for?Selling saffron in bulk amount

Saffron is the most widely used spice in the world, which is used in most luxury restaurants. Iranian saffron producers produce and process this product organically and in excellent quality. saffron wholesalers 2021 this product is offered to the world market in different types of packaging to meet the needs of people around the world for this product.

The best saffron wholesalers 2021

What is saffron used for?

What is saffron used for? Saffron plant has been grown in large areas of Asia such as Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and from these areas has been transferred to other countries such as China, India, Spain and other parts of the world. Saffron has been cultivated in many provinces of Iran since ancient times, but today more than ninety five percent of Iranian saffron is produced in the provinces of Khorasan.

Saffron spice is also known as red gold in the world due to its high price. The stigma of this product is used in various industries of cooking, pharmaceutical, confectionery, oil, etc. Saffron is available in various powder or filament forms in the market. saffron powder is most in demand in the market because saffron in powder form will have the highest amount of color. Saffron is also used to prepare oil and is used in various industries.

Types of saffron have different characteristics. When planting saffron, large and high quality onions should be used. If the saffron onion is small, the resulting spice will be of lower quality. For better quality saffron, its harvesting time should be done early in the morning so that the harvested stigma has more aroma and color. The best and most desirable type of saffron is prepared only from the red stigmas of this product.

saffron benefits is useful in this spice due to having active compounds such as vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Regular consumption of saffron prevents diseases such as depression, coronary heart disease, forgetfulness and so on.

Selling saffron in bulk amount

Selling saffron in bulk amount Saffron is one of the most important agricultural export products of Iran, which has a significant impact on the social and economic situation of saffron farmers, which is mainly in South Khorasan. Most saffron produced in our country is exported in different packages. Saffron Exporter exports this Iranian product to all over the world.

How to pack saffron is also very important; Because if this spice is exposed to light and heat, its quality will decrease, so saffron wholesalers offer this product in cardboard or frosted glass packages. Saffron is mainly distributed through this center in world markets and applicants can register their orders through this site.

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