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Buy saffron Negin and the price of saffron

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Features of saffronFeatures of the original saffron NeginHow to buy saffron from the manufacturer?Price per kilo of pure precious saffronBuying kilos of saffron from the producerNagin saffron sales center for the exportSample saffron test sheet

Where is the Nagin export saffron sales center?
How to buy saffron Negin from the manufacturer?
How much is the price of a kilo of pure gem saffron different from normal saffron?
In the following, we answer these questions and examine the characteristics of saffron.

Buy saffron Negin and the price of saffron
Buy saffron Negin and the price of saffron

Features of saffron

Different amounts of red gold are produced in Iran every year.
Their prices are determined based on their characteristics in the domestic or foreign markets.
There are different types of red gold, one of which is called gem.
The high price of Nagin or Super Nagin saffron has made farmers more willing to produce this sample.
The classification of saffron is:
super precious
precious saffron
Sargol type
The type of cover
A bunch of saffron
Broken saffron
Each of these types has different characteristics that distinguish them from each other.
In the previous section, we fully examined the differences between the first 3 types.
In this section, we will review the general features of the samples.

Features of the original saffron Negin

The threads of this type of saffron are elongated compared to the Sergol sample.
Usually, there is no cream of saffron or that yellow part at the end of the stigma.
The coloring power of crocin in this sample is between 250 and 270.
The aroma of this type is more than Sargol saffron.

Features of the original saffron Negin
Features of the original saffron Negin

How to buy saffron from the manufacturer?

How to Buy saffron Negin from the biggest saffron seller?
Saffron King Business Company operates in the field of production and wholesale of exported saffron.
When you buy from this center, you can choose different types of saffron.
The products produced in this company are harvested in different regions.
If you want to Buy saffron Negin , you can choose the following products.
Iranian saffron
Afghan type saffron
Spanish type
Moroccan red shadows
In the following, we will check the conditions of purchase from this production center.

Price per kilo of pure precious saffron

If you have been to the saffron market, you have probably seen different prices.
We hear different prices for buying saffron Negin.
The price of products is determined based on several factors, such as:
Saffron purity percentage
The purity of the product
Amount of purchase and sale
and several other factors that can determine the selling price of red gold.

Buying kilos of saffron from the producer

But there is an important point about buying precious saffron from the producer:
Contrary to the idea, buying a kilogram of saffron from the producer has a higher price than the market.
Because the quality of the products is higher and purer.
If many market dealers do different things to break the prices.
On, you can see the price list of each kilo of pure saffron.

Buying kilos of saffron from the producer
Buying kilos of saffron from the producer

Nagin saffron sales center for the export

If you have stepped into the export saffron market, you have probably heard the name Saffron King as one of the quality-oriented brands.
This wholesale center specializes in preparing exported saffron for the market.
This expertise is due to the activities of this company’s branches in different countries.
Currently, the sales branch of this company operates in Germany, Spain, Holland, China, UAE, etc.
Therefore, you can get the original saffron in Europe or other countries.

Sample saffron test sheet

The lab sheet is used for kilo orders for export.
These documents are sent along with the order and at the customer’s request.
If you want to receive a laboratory analysis sheet along with your order, inform the company’s sales unit of your request when purchasing saffron Negin.

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