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How to sell my saffron?

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Saffron shopping center in BelgiumThe price of Iranian saffronBuy Iranian saffronOnline shopping for saffronHow to sell my saffron?Selling 1 kilo of saffronIs saffron expensive?Wholesale of saffron in FranceSelling Iranian saffronSaffron import to Europe

What is the profit of wholesale saffron in France?
King brand is one of the most reliable saffron shopping centers in Belgium and France.
How to sell my saffron?

How to sell my saffron?How to sell my saffron?
How to sell my saffron?

Saffron shopping center in Belgium

European buyers have always confirmed the quality of Iranian saffron.
Currently, exports from Iran to other countries are carried out under special conditions.
Saffron King Business is importing saffron to Europe.
High supply power and special services have made this brand approved by all European buyers.

The price of Iranian saffron

Various brands in European countries offer Iranian red gold.
More than 97% of these brands are only sellers of saffron.
King Business is a producer and seller of saffron.
The price of Iranian saffron in this shopping center ranges from 3460 $ to 3780 $.

Buy Iranian saffron

This famous European brand is an importer and supplier of saffron in the Union market.
Shopping center

Buy Iranian saffron
Buy Iranian saffron

Online shopping for saffron

The sales level of the King brand is global.
Therefore, we have provided the possibility of buying saffron online for easy access for buyers. is a supplier of the best Iranian saffron in all countries of the world.

How to sell my saffron?

The question that many people who refer to the company’s sales department ask is:
How to sell my saffron?
King Business Company guarantees the quality of its products 100%.
Also, it announces the purchase and sale price of its product to the buyers of this brand.

Selling 1 kilo of saffron

The minimum weight considered for wholesale is 1 kg.
It is also packaged for retail sale in different weights from 0.25 grams
to 20 g and even 30 grams according to the market demand.
The sale of 1 kg of saffron is considered a bulk sale.

Selling 1 kilo of saffron
Selling 1 kilo of saffron

Is saffron expensive?

The uses of saffron are so many that it is impossible to enumerate them precisely.
Reputable European laboratories have conducted various tests on this valuable product.
The more we get to know the various properties of red gold, the more ways to use this product.
Considering the thousands of properties that this product has, the price of saffron is not expensive.

Wholesale of saffron in France

In the last week, a reputable French company has made an important contract for the supply of saffron with King Business.

Selling Iranian saffron

During this contract, 50 kilos of Iranian saffron will be delivered to this company every month.
Another important contract that can be mentioned in September 2022 is
the contract to purchase saffron by a large Belgian company with the King brand.

Selling Iranian saffron
Selling Iranian saffron

Saffron import to Europe

The taxes applied to the import of saffron in European countries are different.
King Business has made it very easy for European buyers.
Saffron will be delivered to any European country where the buyer has an order.

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