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The price of saffron on 8 September

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The latest price of saffronThe trend of increasing the selling price of saffronWhat is the price of saffron?Will saffron become expensive?Saffron price forecast in Mehr 2022When should I buy saffron?The price of saffron on 8 SeptemberThe best way to buy saffronDecrease in saffron exportsThe price of the saffron day 2022

This year, many buyers of Iranian saffron faced a shortage of saffron.
Due to lack of water, saffron planting decreased this year.
According to published news, the price of Red Gold has increased. price of saffron on 8 September

The latest price of saffron

These days, news of the increase in the price of products is published.
King Business Company is one of the reliable websites that work in the field of selling saffron.
The price of different types of saffron as well as related news are published daily on this website.

The trend of increasing the selling price of saffron

In the first part of the article, it was said that saffron production has decreased due to a lack of water this year.
This issue has caused an increase in the selling price of saffron.
We try to control price fluctuations and in our company, the purchase price of saffron is fixed for a month.

What is the price of saffron?

It is expected that the selling price of bulk saffron will increase by 2% to 5% in the next month.
The price of saffron on 8 September was between 2600 and 2900 euros.
In retail, the price of one gram of saffron is 7 to 9 euros.

Will saffron become expensive?

In October this year, which is the saffron planting season, the price of saffron will be expensive.
The decrease in saffron production and the increase in demand for buying saffron caused the price of saffron to increase.

Saffron price forecast in Mehr 2022

Several factors affect the purchase and sale price of this product.
It is expected that the new saffron that comes to the market will be of good quality.
King Business Company is one of the most reliable sellers of Iranian saffron.
In October this year, the price of saffron will increase in this company.

When should I buy saffron?

In October and November, saffron is collected from agricultural fields.
After collection, this product is marketed in 3 forms.
Retail and saffron
Wholesale of this product
Selling saffron flowers

The price of saffron on 8 September

Today, the selling price of saffron in 1-gram packaging did not change compared to last month.
In wholesale, this product is usually sold in one-kilogram and two-kilogram packages.

The best way to buy saffron

One of the most important privileges of King Business is that it guarantees the quality of its products 100%.
We suggest you buy this valuable product from a reputable company.
For all buyers, the price of the product as well as its quality is a priority.

Decrease in saffron exports

In the last 3 months, the amount of Iranian saffron exports has decreased.
We examine the most important reasons for the decrease in saffron exports.
Lack of quality saffron
Decrease in saffron production
Increased shipping costs
Increase in customs tariffs

The price of the saffron day 2022

Another service that our company provides to saffron buyers is the saffron purchase price list.
For you to be able to compare the selling price of all kinds of products and make the best choice, the company provides you with the selling price of saffron daily on this website.

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