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Is saffron more expensive than gold?

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Bulk purchase of saffronThe price of a kilo of saffronWhy is real saffron expensive?Wholesale of saffronSaffron online storeIs saffron more expensive than gold?Saffron import to Europe
Is saffron more expensive than gold?

Why is pure saffron expensive?
What brand does Europe’s most reliable wholesale saffron shopping center offer?
Is saffron more expensive than gold?
King Business saffron company is one of the largest wholesalers and importers of saffron to Europe.

Is saffron more expensive than gold
Is saffron more expensive than gold

Bulk purchase of saffron

The methods of selling red gold are usually divided into two categories.
– Retail means offering the product in small packages weighing 0.1 grams to 10 grams
– Product wholesale
Individuals or companies who want to purchase saffron in bulk are among the buyers of the wholesale market

The price of a kilo of saffron

The price of buying and selling saffron changes momentarily, just like the gold market.
The reason for this increase and decrease in the sale price of red gold is due to several factors.
In the current market, it can be said that the most important factor that changes the product sales rate is the lack of coordination between its supply and demand.
The price of one kilo of saffron in Europe today is between 2460 and 2890 euros for each kilo of Nagin brand King.

Why is real saffron expensive?

Much attention is paid to trade and buying and selling of saffron in international markets.
In the domestic market of countries, there is a lot of competition for the supply of this product among different brands.
Saffron has been introduced as the most expensive spice in the world.
Is saffron more expensive than gold?
Of course, this product has a higher price than other spices, but if we look at the nutritional or medicinal properties of this product, we will definitely come to the conclusion that this product is not expensive.

Why is real saffron expensive
Why is real saffron expensive

Wholesale of saffron

King Business is a producer of red gold.
The saffron farms of King Business Company in Iran, Afghanistan, Morocco, Spain and other countries produce the best pure saffron. King brand is the main seller of saffron, and partial purchases from this brand are also made in bulk.
(at least 1000 packs of each weight)

Saffron online store

When we go to the stores, what factors do we consider when buying a product?
European markets consider quality very important.
Online saffron store is planned for easy access of buyers.
Wherever you are in the world, you can easily buy real red gold from this shopping site.

Is saffron more expensive than gold?

Is saffron more expensive than gold?
The saffron product is called red gold in two ways.
– A very small amount of this product can have very high properties
– In terms of price, a small amount of the product has a higher price than other spices used by people
These two reasons have caused saffron to be introduced as red gold.
In fact, the price of saffron is cheap compared to the properties of this product and its many uses.

Is saffron more expensive than gold
Is saffron more expensive than gold

Saffron import to Europe

Various food products are imported to European countries.
Saffron and in other words red gold is one of the imported items to these countries.
Saffron King Business is the most reliable supplier of red gold.
Sales branches of this brand are open in different European countries.
We export red gold to Europe, America and many countries of the world by DDP method.

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