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High quality saffron Exporting Countries

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Nutritional Values of high quality saffronExporting Countries of high quality saffron

The fastest sign of a pure saffron product is the saffron color. All products should have a red color with one hand. Be careful if you buy it in powder form, this saffron mixing habit is unfortunately common in street corner shops and some vendors combine it with other spices, especially turmeric and mushrooms. Visit our High Quality Saffron Exporting Countries site for more information.

High quality saffron Exporting Countries

Nutritional Values of high quality saffron

Nutritional Values of high quality saffron It is better to avoid buying saffron powder altogether. Another sign is to wash a row of saffron in a small container of water, the main saffron water turns yellow late. But fake saffron speeds this up. So if saffron still retains its color, remove it from the water, it is the original saffron. Saffron texture: Break a saffron root on your fingers and gently rub it, it should feel dry and brittle.

If you touch it and it is soft and soft, it means there is moisture inside the pack to gain weight. The taste and aroma of saffron: Examine the saffron you want to buy with your needs, taste and smell. If he puts a piece of saffron in his mouth, if it sweetens your mouth, it’s fake saffron. Interestingly, saffron is a spice whose taste can be difficult to explain. Top quality saffron has a strong and non-elastic scent and is slightly bitter. Processing stages include harvesting, transporting and transporting flowers, stamping sorting, drying, sampling and testing, sorting, sorting, packaging and sales.

Since the production and presentation of quality products based on the needs and expectations of the customers and the market can lead to the sustainable development of the saffron trade, it seems necessary to achieve the desired quality and correct presentation of saffron harvesting and processing. has the best quality in terms of coloring power and taste under certain conditions. 30 cm diameter sieves and silk mesh sieves are used in this method. Fresh saffron stigmas are placed on the mesh in a 2-3cm thick layer, and then the sieve is placed at an appropriate distance from the heat source.

The product dries correctly and evenly by placing several sieves on top of each other and changing their positions. For more information on iran saffron export visit our site.

Exporting Countries of high quality saffron

Exporting Countries of high quality saffron Iran is one of the Exporting Countries of high quality saffron and exports this product to other European and Asian countries at a reasonable and fair price, which also has a variety of quality and packaging. Therefore, you can refer to our site for more information about the export of these products.

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