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High quality saffron Local Suppliers

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Unique Characteristics of high quality saffronLocal Suppliers of high quality saffron

As Saffron is Khorasan Razavi and Iran’s main food export product and assigned to it, it must have a special importance and position and must be well received in Iran and consumers all over the world and all over the world. Saffron, they usually look for Iranian saffron. Visit our site for more information on Local Suppliers of high quality saffron.

High quality saffron Local Suppliers

Unique Characteristics of high quality saffron

Unique Characteristics of high quality saffron Studies show that saffron has the potential to be an organic product due to its cultivation and production methods compared to many other agricultural products. In the case of saffron, many production, from production to processing processes, are traditionally and in the context of local knowledge, so that soil fertility management in saffron cultivation is mainly based on cow compost and controls pests and diseases, especially through non-chemical methods such as biological Saffron is a family product, mechanical They use traps, drowning and steaming, flood irrigation, and most of their operations, especially flower picking and stigma, are handled by family members and collective collaboration.

The use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides in the process of organic saffron production is not common and should not be used. Therefore, saffron production is less than the modern and mechanized method and the yield is lower. Buying is one of those purchases where the customer needs to focus his attention so that he does not wear a hat and buy any other goods instead of saffron Especially since this is done easily. They say saffron is red gold. Desert red gold yields one gram, only one gram for every 150 flowers, and this quality and quantity is typical of crops harvested in the desert.

It is the simplest method to identify the main saffron from the saffron stigma branch. Since the branches of the saffron stigma are three branches and the upper part is a trumpet that narrows as it descends and has a slightly spicy flavor; If the saffron is sweet, it means the merchant added some salt or sugar to increase its weight. Of course, if saffron is in powder form, it can only be detected with laboratory equipment. Original saffron is one of the products that housewives and cooks are always looking for, because they know what special aroma saffron gives to dishes. For more information on iran saffron export visit our site.

Local Suppliers of high quality saffron

Local Suppliers of high quality saffron Our company is one of the Local Suppliers of high quality saffron and launches this product at a reasonable price and with completely hygienic packaging, which you can visit our site for purchase and more information about saffron imports.

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