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Wholesale of saffron in Italy

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Importing saffron to Italy is particularly important among European countries.
In the continuation of this text, we examine the advantages of the Wholesale of saffron in Italy.
What is the price of saffron in Italy?
Also, how much is the price of each kilo of saffron in Rome?
Is saffron retailing in Venice mostly done by travelers and tourists?
If you want to buy saffron in Milan, just contact King Business.

Wholesale of saffron in Italy
Wholesale of saffron in Italy

Import of saffron by the kilo to Italy

Saffron spice has different uses in European countries.
The export of saffron to Italy is very important.
This country has special features that make it a good market for any economic activity. Like:

Saffron trade in Italy

This country is the ninth-largest economy in the world.
It is also the fifth most populous country in Europe.
According to the calculation made by UNESCO, more than half of the world’s tourism resources are located in Italy.
Considering the very good market of this country, King Business Company has opened saffron sales branches in this country.

The price of saffron in Italy

Many Italians speak German and French.
This issue creates a higher perspective of any activity.
If you choose this Milan market to sell saffron, stay with us in this section.
The price of saffron in Italy is between 2500 and 2800 dollars.

Saffron seller in Milan

Milan is the second-most populous city in Italy.
This city is one of the leading cities in the field of economy.
In such a market, Iranian red gold is considered one of the luxury goods.
Saffron is sold in Milan by King’s sales branches.
The largest saffron wholesale brand in Europe operates in this city.
The sale of saffron per kilo in Italian cities, including Milan, is particularly important.
Because there are people of different nationalities in this city, which is very important in business.

Saffron seller in Milan
Saffron seller in Milan

The selling price of saffron in Rome

Rome is the largest city in Italy.
The capital of any country is a good choice for selling saffron.
The importance and advantage of selling bulk saffron in this city:
This city is the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
Another kilo saffron sale in Rome, cities is the adopted sister of this city.
This issue is very important in economic activities.
The selling price of saffron is between 6 and 7 dollars per gram.

The price of saffron per kilo in Italy

The price of each kilo of saffron in this city is between 2,500 and 2,800 dollars.
When placing an order from this company, we will deliver your order to your final destination, at your address in Italy.

The most important areas for a saffron seller

Apart from Venice, Rome, and Milan, you can buy the highest quality saffron from our company’s branches in other important cities.
Beijing, China
Kyiv, Ukraine
Mumbai, India
London, United Kingdom
Madrid, Spain
New York, USA
Sydney, Australia
Seoul, South Korea
Tokyo, Japan

Retail sale of saffron in Venice

Venice, the city of lovers, is one of the most important tourist cities, and of course, commercial activities are also carried out in this city.
Red gold is sold in retail form in this city.

Wholesale of saffron in Italy

As we said before, King Business Company is one of the most reliable saffron sellers in the European market.
This company operates in the field of Wholesale saffron in Italy and other countries.
The minimum amount of buying and selling in wholesale centers is one kilogram.
Also, the minimum sample purchase amount is 250 grams.
If you buy saffron in Italy, your order will be sent directly from one of the offices of this company in Europe.

Wholesale of saffron in Italy
Wholesale of saffron in Italy

Saffron sales branches

To buy Iranian, Afghan, and Spanish saffron throughout Europe, you can contact the experts in our company’s saffron sales department.
Saffron sales branches in Europe:

The Hague





Wholesale of saffron in Italy, If you want to buy the highest quality saffron at the best price, contact our experts directly and get the saffron price list and saffron purchase conditions.

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