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The selling saffron in Austria and online shopping

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Saffron shopping center in ViennaThe price of a kilo of saffron in EuropeSelling saffron in AustriaWholesale of saffron in the European marketSaffron online storeHow to export saffron to AustriaThe largest importer of saffron to Europe

How much is the wholesale profit of saffron in the European market?
How much is the price of a kilo of saffron in Europe?
In this article, we will examine the export and import of saffron to Austria in 2022.
Saffron King Business brand selling saffron in Austria online and in person.

The selling saffron in Austria and online shopping
The selling saffron in Austria and online shopping

Saffron shopping center in Vienna

What is the best type of saffron that is offered in the Vienna shopping center?
An important factor that can sell one or more types of red gold in the market is the buyer’s demand.
Austrian pharmaceutical companies buy the most type of saffron from the Saffron King brand, grade A, golden red.
This grade has the most coloring and relaxing properties of the product.

The price of a kilo of saffron in Europe

The different uses of red gold have made this product available in different grades and types.
Restaurants and food preparation centers are the main buyers of the broken (restaurant) type of product.
Restaurant saffron is a type of product whose fibers are crushed more than other types.
Chefs in restaurants use chopped saffron and like this type more.
The price of one kilo of Saffron King restaurant saffron is between 980 and 1160 euros.

Selling saffron in Austria

How can we increase the profit of selling saffron in European markets?
Knowing the needs of the target market and what the buyer buys the product for, can play a good role in increasing our sales.
Stores are one of the important buyers of our products.
Therefore, to provide the product to these centers, it is better to bring saffron into the market in packages of 0.10 grams, 0.20 grams, 0.50 grams, etc.
Klagen fort
Zanket Polten
Wels (Austria)

Selling saffron in Austria
Selling saffron in Austria

Wholesale of saffron in the European market

selling saffron in Austria by different brands.
European countries generally buy saffron in bulk.
In these countries, the product packaging industries are very advanced and they buy the products they import in bulk and bring them to the market under their brands.
The high volume of wholesale purchase of red gold in these countries has made the profit of wholesale saffron in the European market have a good economic justification.

Saffron online store

How to buy from the Saffron King online store?
This reputable brand offers its products in bulk.
When you visit the website and select the desired product.
The minimum order for retail weights is 500 or 1000 pcs.
Of course, you can buy lower quantities such as 100 or 200 packages in different weights from the branches of this European brand.

How to export saffron to Austria

Sending saffron to Vienna is done in less than 3 to 5 working days.
Shipments to the European Union are usually from the Dutch headquarters or branches in Germany and Spain.
For this reason, the export of saffron to Austria and all the countries of the Union is carried out in a short period.
Of course, the shipping time is determined according to the amount of the order and the type of purchase of the customers.

How to export saffron to Austria
How to export saffron to Austria

The largest importer of saffron to Europe

In recent months, the process of exporting saffron from Iran to Europe and other countries has slowed down.
The basic customs tariff of this product has reached up to $1,500 and this plays an important role in reducing the shipment of the product abroad.
King company plants and produces saffron in different countries of the world, including Iran, Afghanistan, Spain, Morocco, etc.
Easy access to the product as well as guaranteeing its quality has made us fulfill customer orders in the best possible way.
In 2022, Saffron King Business was recognized as one of the first 5 companies importing saffron to Europe.

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