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Wholesale of saffron in Europe

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Profit from selling kilos of saffron abroadThe price of saffron per kilo in the NetherlandsWholesale of saffron in EuropeSaffron seller in EuropeThe price of saffron per kilo in GermanyImporting bulk saffron to Spain
Bulk purchase of saffron

How is Wholesale of saffron in Europe and by whom?
How much is the profit of selling a kilo of saffron abroad in euros?
In the following, we will answer these questions and examine the method of
buying from a saffron seller in Europe.
We check the price of saffron per kilo in the Netherlands and the price of saffron per kilo in Germany.
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Wholesale of saffron in Europe
Wholesale of saffron in Europe

Profit from selling kilos of saffron abroad

In the world of business, profits are obtained according to a certain formula.
Many people enter this field with the idea that they can make a lot of profit in a short time.
Usually these people also face failure in their business.
The profit of selling bulk saffron depends on many factors.
including guaranteeing the quality and providing pure saffron to the buyer,
in this case it is possible to have a continuous activity.

The price of saffron per kilo in the Netherlands

There are 5 countries in Europe that have strengthened the economy of the entire Union.
The Netherlands has the first place in flower cultivation in production and export.
Animal husbandry and agriculture are the foundations of the Dutch economy.
Despite the small size of their country, the Dutch have a large share in global trade and banking.
5 major export destinations of Iran to the European Union among the 27 member
countries of this union in the first two months of 2020; The countries were Germany,
Italy, Holland, Spain and Belgium.
The main office of the largest saffron wholesaler in Europe is located in the Netherlands.
A significant amount of kilo saffron import to Holland and other countries is done by Saffron King group.
The price of saffron per kilo in the Netherlands is between 2,500 and 3,200 euros.

Wholesale of saffron in Europe

Kilo sales of saffron in Europe are carried out by various groups of economic activists.
The first group are importers of saffron to different European countries.
The second category is traders or wholesale companies active in the market.
The third group is people who sell products in small quantities and mainly in suitcase methods.
Among these three groups, Saffron King is one of the largest sellers of saffron in the European Union.
So that it supplies about 63% of the saffron needed in this market.
According to the report of the research and development team of this company,
many economic operators buy directly or indirectly from this collection.

Wholesale of saffron in Europe
Wholesale of saffron in Europe

Saffron seller in Europe

Wholesale of saffron in Europe is done in different ways:
Wholesale sale of saffron by commercial companies
Distribution of bulk saffron in Europe by natural persons
Buy saffron online from online shops like

In all these centers, the minimum sales amount is one kilogram.
Also, the minimum sample amount is 250 grams.

The price of saffron per kilo in Germany

Germany is the most industrialized country in Europe.
Saffron consumption in this country is mostly done in industrial centers for various productions.
Of course, in addition to this, saffron can be seen a lot in German markets,
especially in Iranian supermarkets.
The price of each kilo of saffron in Germany in wholesale centers like
Saffron King is between 2,500 and 2,800 euros.
This rate is for the consumer.
If you want to operate in this market and you don’t have saffron,
you can get the products at the price of a colleague.
The minimum purchase amount as a partner is one kilogram.

Importing bulk saffron to Spain

Spain is the biggest importer of saffron from Iran.
Also, this country has become the largest exporter of saffron with ideal
infrastructure in the packaging industry.
Saffron is processed and packaged in different cities in Spain.
Many buyers of saffron sell products under the name of Spanish saffron after packaging.
Of course, saffron is also produced in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.
The annual production of this country is about 8 tons per year, which is mostly used for domestic purposes.
For several years, a significant amount of bulk saffron imports to Spain have been carried out by Saffron King Business.
If you also intend to buy and sell in this country, you can contact the experts of our sales department.
When placing an order, you can choose which branch to pick up the saffron from.

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