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Importing saffron to China

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Export of saffron to ChinaPrice per kilo of saffron in China and IranDirect purchase from Importing saffron to ChinaBuy saffron in ShanghaiHong Kong Saffron Market

What is the export of saffron to China by King Jahan Saffron Company?
What are the main problems of importing saffron to China on the price per kilo of saffron?
To buy saffron directly from China is enough to contact the company’s sales department.
In the following, we will examine the profit of saffron activity and purchases in the Shanghai and Hong Kong saffron markets.
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Importing saffron to China
Importing saffron to China

Export of saffron to China

China is one of Iran’s largest trading partners. Every year, various quantities of various Chinese goods are import

Basic problems of saffron import to China
Basic problems of saffron import to China

Price per kilo of saffron in China and Iran

About 20 to 40 tons of saffron were imported to Iran from China every month. (These conditions date back to June 2021 )
Many of these products were imported in bulk.
The price per kilo of saffron in China is determined by several factors, so we see very low prices in this market.
Usually, the price of saffron imported smuggled was cheaper than the market.
The minimum price is $ 650 and the maximum price is $ 2,800.

Direct purchase from Importing saffron to China

Saffron King is currently the largest importer of kilograms of saffron to China under multilateral agreements.
To buy saffron directly from the saffron importer in China, all you have to do is contact the company’s sales department.

1. The minimum order is 100 kg, which will be delivered to you in one step or several stages.
Orders less than one hundred kilos will be removed from the warehouse next to one of the orders.
2. All orders will be delivered to your final destination and your address in China.
3. It is possible to send orders from the sales offices of this company in Asian or European countries.
4. The average shipping time is 2 weeks to 4 weeks.
5. All stages of export and import are the responsibility of our company.

Direct purchase from Importing saffron to China
Direct purchase from Importing saffron to China

Buy saffron in Shanghai

The cities of Shanghai and Guangzhou are one of the most consumed cities of red gold.
In addition, it is one of the busiest ports in China.
Buying and selling saffron in this city is often done by Chinese merchants.
One of the reasons is the language of the people of this region who, unlike Hong Kong (Chinese-English) speak only Chinese.
That is why many traders can not enter this market.
Some Saffron King brand economic partners operate in this city.

Hong Kong Saffron Market

One of the most important commercial ports in the world is the port of Hong Kong.
So that this port is the tenth-largest exporter and importer in the world.
Hong Kong has a large capitalist service economy with low taxes and free trade.
Sales of saffron in this market are divided into two categories:
1. Sale of Iranian saffron in different types and grades
2. Wholesale sales of Afghan saffron
In this economic center, because economic activists are present, all kinds of products are bought and sold.
But in the markets of other cities, there are sometimes many prejudices against Herat saffron or Chinese saffron, and it is almost impossible for Iranian saffron to enter those markets.
Importing saffron to China
In addition, saffron is known throughout China and is consumed in the same way.

Hong Kong Saffron Market
Hong Kong Saffron Market

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