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Methods of detecting the originality of saffronSeller and producer of saffronSaffron King online storeBulk packaging for exportProfit from the sale of premium saffron

What are the methods of identifying the originality of saffron?
Which packages are available in the Saffron King online store?
In this section, we discuss these issues and examine the profit of selling pure saffron.
To buy directly from the saffron seller and producer, contact Saffron King Business.
This company operates in the wholesale sale of pure saffron for export.

Saffron King online store
Saffron King online store

Methods of detecting the originality of saffron

Saffron is one of the spices that is marketed with different degrees of purity.
Therefore, they will have a qualitative difference.
But in general, the original saffron with any quality grade should have several characteristics:
In terms of appearance:
1. The saffron string between two fingers should not be as tight as the meat strings.
2. Saffrons should not be crushed and disappear quickly by pressing between two fingers.
3. Also, when crushed, it should not be seen in the form of thin strands of fibers or threads.
In terms of fragrance:
1. Saffron should not smell old.
In terms of coloring:
1. The color of saffron in water or ice should not completely turn orange. (Communication with the saffron sales manager +4917687913876 )
Today, the most important way to buy guaranteed original saffron is to buy from reputable centers.
To buy from the manufacturer, you can directly contact the sales department of Saffron King Business.

Seller and producer of saffron

Among the saffron wholesale centers, Saffron King Business operates both in the field of production and in the field of sales and export.
You can get all kinds of bulk saffron from this company.
In the previous sections, we have completely reviewed the production and processing steps in this company.
Saffron King Business Company supplies the product to different regions.
The largest production of saffron is done in the Qayenat region of Iran and the Herat region of Afghanistan.
Please note that this production center has a higher price than the market due to the supply of products with a high net percentage.

Saffron King online store

Branches of Saffron King Business companies are also active in the field of retail sales in addition to selling kilos of saffron.
In this way, it offers packages with different weights to the market in the form of wholesale sales (500 or 1000 packages).
Types of packages in the Saffron King online store are:
Weights of 0.02 grams, 0.50 grams, 1 gram, 5 grams, and 10 grams.
Wholesale packages:
in weights of 250 grams, a half kilo, 750 grams, and 1 kilo.
(Communication with pure saffron sales department +4917687913876 )

Saffron King online store
Saffron King online store

Bulk packaging for export

In the above section, we checked the price of exported saffron.
In the field of export, various factors are effective in your success.
One of them is that you have a good supplier by your side.
The stronger companies you work with, the more growth you will have.
Saffron King Business is one of the oldest and most active companies in the saffron industry.
Sales branches of this company are now operating in different countries. Like:
Other countries.
If you also want to work in the field of export, you can cooperate with this Saffron King company.

Profit from the sale of premium saffron

Premium saffron is one of the best-selling products of Saffron King Business in Europe.
This saffron is more suitable for the retail market.
Because in this market, many sellers are looking to buy high-quality saffron at a reasonable price.
The retail profit of this product in envelope packages is at least 10%.
Do you also buy the best quality products at the best price from the Saffron King online store?

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