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High grade saffron global market

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What are the benefits of drinking saffron tea?Global market of High grade saffron

High grade saffron is native to Europe and Asia, which is often used in dried form as a spice and brewed.
As you all know, this spice is very expensive.
The reason is that about 400 thousand stigmas of saffron plant, only one kilogram of this spice at our disposal.
Although saffron recently due to being expensive and awareness and understanding of people from other medicinal herbs, which, moreover, that the properties are good, and the size of the saffron, too expensive, not the popularity of your previous lost, but anyway, this plant has therapeutic properties of several that continue some of which have mentioned, I think.

High grade saffron global market

What are the benefits of drinking saffron tea?

What are the benefits of drinking saffron tea?

  • Reduce menstrual pain: In previous years, saffron was used as a stimulant for menstrual mobility in women who did not have regular menstruation.
    Saffron is also used to reduce uterine bleeding, facilitate bleeding and reduce menstrual pain.
    Of course, this tea should not be by pregnant women consumed, because in a number of research it has been seen that cause spontaneous abortion of the fetus can be.
  • Antidepressant: Saffron tea is also used to treat depression.
    It is reported that receiving a large amount of brewed or spiced saffron causes a feeling of joy and happiness.
  • Cancer prevention: Saffron contains carotenoids and is, according to scientific findings, the carotenoids, causing mixed reactions against cancer, etc.
    mass malignant cancerand leukemia in humans can provide.
    Heart health: According to studies, etc.
    saffron uses for skin reported that saffron tea from the accumulation of cholesterol in the veins prevent, and thus prevent heart disease does.
  • Relief of abdominal pain: Saffron brew is effective for moderate to severe abdominal pain and upper abdominal area.
    It also relaxes the pain of the colon membrane.
  • Lower blood pressure: Saffron brew contains substances called crocetin that lower blood pressure.
    That’s why saffron helps prevent the increase in blood pressure.

Global market of High grade saffron

Global market of High grade saffron saffron is harvested from saffron fields in the South Khorasan region.
The climatic conditions of this area is such that flower saffron is harvested from the fields, can be a tuft of coarse and high quality with colored welcome color to be the same direction saffron of the most desirable types of saffron in the country.

Our company is located in Khorasan province, saffron reseller.
The difference between saffron uses in cooking company and other saffron sales centers is that we supply saffron without intermediaries.
Our company is one of the most prestigious major sales centers of bulk saffron, which supplies all kinds of saffron after laboratory approval to customer.
After the harvest of saffron during the steps of processing and cleans saffron by trained people will be done and then in the store; the saffron for packed or bulk to all over the country sent.

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