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Saffron King shop in Munich

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The largest saffron shopping center in Europe was opened.
This saffron wholesale center is active in the field of export to
America and throughout the European Union.
The Saffron King shop in Munich is one of the active centers of the King brand.

Saffron King shop in Munich
Saffron King shop in Munich

The price of saffron in Germany

Saffron King Business is a producer of saffron.
The company’s saffron farms in Afghanistan and Iran produce a large number of quality products every year.

Best Iranian saffron

The Saffron King shop in Munich offers the best Iranian saffron and the products of the world’s saffron regions.
The price of saffron in Germany increased slightly this month.

Saffron shopping center

The German market has created a good position for economic operators due to easy access and traffic with the market of all EU countries.
Selling saffron in this country has a significant profit.

Buying saffron

Buying and selling saffron is done well in the domestic market of Berlin, Frankfurt, etc.
King Business operates as one of the most reliable centers for buying and supplying red gold in this country.

Buying saffron
Buying saffron

Planting saffron in Spain

The cultivated area of ​​saffron onions increases every year in Spain.
The reason for this is that the soil and climatic conditions of different cities of this country are very suitable for planting saffron.
Saffron planting in Spain has had a good harvest in the past few years.

Planting saffron

Although the amount of harvesting is currently limited, this country is one of the important poles of red gold production in the world.
King Business Company organizes saffron planting training courses until flowering in the greenhouse and soil.
Important projects in the Mancha region of Spain are being carried out by the company’s training team.

Saffron King shop in Munich

Considering that the Munich market is also very important from the export aspect, therefore:
Saffron King store in Munich packages is presented with an export focus.

Saffron in the European

If you want to sell saffron in the European Union and American markets, you can contact King Business.
In this center, the best saffron for the European market as well as the best-selling packaging is available to you.

Saffron in the European
Saffron in the European

Wholesale of saffron

For people who want to enter the market of buying and selling red gold, this question arises:
Is the retail sale of saffron more profitable or its wholesale?
The type of demand of the target community will be the real determinant of the profit of our economic activity.

Saffron King store

For example, activity in the domestic market can bring better sales for us in the form of retail packages.
In the field of export and large contracts with buying companies and international traders, the product is mostly bought and sold by the kilo and wholesale.

Saffron sales branch in Munich

King Business has branches and sales offices in different countries.
The Saffron sales branch in Munich is one of the official offices of this company.
In addition to supplying saffron to the following cities, this branch
Munchen Gladbach
It is also active in exporting to America, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

Importing saffron to Germany

Which type of saffron is more suitable for export to the European Union?
Saffron King’s contracting parties request A and A+ grades of products.

Importing saffron to Germany
Importing saffron to Germany

buy the best saffron

These areas are focused on quality and buying 1st-grade saffron.
To buy the best saffron for the markets of Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Norway, etc., you can contact the sales department of the company.

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