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Selling saffron in Paris

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Selling saffron in Paris

What is the price of saffron in France?
Saffron King Business is importing saffron to European markets.
Selling saffron in Paris by the King brand through its online store and sales branch.
We export saffron to the European Union by the DDP method (order delivery to the customer’s address).

Selling saffron in Paris
Selling saffron in Paris

The price of saffron in France

How is saffron wholesale done in the European market?
Buying and selling red gold in global markets requires having the necessary certificates for the product.
The price of saffron in France and other European markets is determined according to the following factors.
Package type (kilo purchase or retail sale)
Product grade (King brand products are offered in three grades N, A, and A+)
The amount of the order (for orders of 5-10 kilos, the price is between $1,680-1,960)

Saffron online store

The price of 1 gram of saffron in different packages usually varies between 2 and 3.90 €.
In the online store, 1 gram of red gold in the best-selling packages in the European market costs 9 to 12 €.
You can order the product in bulk at least 500 to 1000 packages from the company and the product will be sent to you at the wholesale rate.
In wholesale, 1 gram of saffron in a normal package is offered for between $ 2.5 and $ 3.60.

Wholesale saffron shopping center

Iranian saffron is bought and sold in European countries by Saffron King Business.
The sales branches of this prestigious brand have provided access to pure saffron for buyers from different countries.
So in the wholesale and retail market, King Business is considered the most reliable major saffron shopping center.
The sale of saffron in Paris in 0.25-gram packages (retail in stores) has the most demand from buyers.

Wholesale saffron shopping center
Wholesale saffron shopping center

Export of saffron to France

During the last few months, the customs tariffs for the export of saffron from Iran to other countries have increased.
King Business has been importing saffron to Europe for more than 12 years.
In any French city where you live, you can receive your order from King brand at your address.
Le Rochelle
Cannes (France)

Selling saffron in Paris

As mentioned, saffron is exported to France by the King brand using the DDP method.
Selling saffron in Paris branch offers the best red gold from Iran and Afghanistan to the French market.
Considering that most French buyers buy saffron by the kilo and in bulk, therefore, wholesale saffron in Paris and other French cities are profitable.
The minimum bulk purchase from King in wholesale is 1 kg.
Buyers who buy the product in bulk can receive 250 grams of the desired grade as a sample from the company before placing their final order.

Selling saffron in Paris
Selling saffron in Paris

Importer of saffron to Europe

Iran is the largest red gold production center in the world.
Every year, about 400 tons of saffron are produced from the farms of this country.
Saffron King Business Company plants and produces a large part of its products on the company’s farms in Iran.
Brand King also plants saffron in Afghanistan’s Herat region.
High supply power (at least 5 tons of saffron )
100% guarantee of product quality
Direct and indirect sales
The power of presence in global markets
These abilities along with other important indicators have made this brand one of the most reliable importers of saffron in Europe.

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