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Export of saffron to Saudi Arabia

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Sale of original saffronPrice of saffron How is the export of Iranian saffron?Export Method of saffron to Saudi ArabiaBest type of exported saffron Who are the buyers of saffron?Export of saffron to Saudi Arabia How to export saffron to Arabic markets?
saffron in Saudi Arabia

Saffron: Exporting saffron to Saudi Arabia :
How much do you think Iran shares exported saffron to Arabic countries? especially to Saudi Arabia.

Export of saffron to Saudi Arabia

Sale of original saffron

We have about five Arab-speaking countries, it means totaling about 35 million people in this region.
Some of these countries have good economic relations with Iran.
Exporting saffron varieties is one of the options that is well-established in Arab countries, especially in Saudi Arabia.

Export of Iranian saffron

Price of saffron

In the following, we will examine the price of saffron in Saudi Arabia, reasons are in difference in the price of different types of saffron.
According to the Director of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperation of Iran:

Last year, about 5 tons of saffron was purchased from farmers.
According to official statistics, Iran has exported more than 2 tonnes of saffron to international markets in the year which is an estimated value of more than $ 5 million.

The price of saffron per kilo

How is the export of Iranian saffron?

Production capacity of saffron in Iran has increased from 3 tons per year to more than 3 tons in recent years.
About 6 tons are exported to the targeted countries every year.
Saudi Arabia has been able to obtain a good share of the major importer of Iranian saffron by purchasing major saffron from Iran.
Saffron king business has exported different types of saffron to Saudi Arabia

Exporting saffron to Saudi Arabia : price of saffron in Saudi Arabia

What is the price of saffron

Export Method of saffron to Saudi Arabia

Price per kilo of exported saffron varies with other types of saffron depending on the type of saffron. Meanwhile, the price of saffron fluctuates daily.

However, Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the region.
It should be noted that this country is quality oriented and the export of saffron to Saudi Arabia has got very high quality.
One of the best buyers of Iranian saffron in the Arab countries and Saudi Arabia.

Saffron sales and export of saffron

Best type of exported saffron

There are some important points in exporting saffron and in exporting saffron to Saudi Arabia however, the price of saffron is one of the most important factor.
We announce the The price of saffron daily on this site.
Here are two basic points: Here’s how to export saffron to world markets and Saudi Arabia.
Better quality saffron will have a higher price and lower quality saffron will have a cheaper price.

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Who are the buyers of saffron?

Price-driven customers are looking for cheap products as the name implies. The same is important in the discussion of saffron sales and saffron exports to Saudi Arabia.

we offer the Ordinary as a good suggestion, But quality-oriented customers are looking for products such as:
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Below we will look at the saffron export method, especially the saffron export to Arab countries and Saudi Arabia.

Export of saffron to Saudi Arabia

In the table above, the export price per kilogram of saffron to Saudi Arabia thy have reported the price of saffron between $ 1,500 and $ 1,700.
Several factors affect the price of saffron varieties to Saudi Arabia.

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How to export saffron to Arabic markets?

Iran exports the most to the UAE – China and Iraq, that is why, Saudi Arabia is also a very good market for the export of saffron.
Under sanctions, exporting Iranian products, especially saffron, is a little difficult but you know, Saffron King Business and Almas Saffron Jahan are the exporter of saffron via their branches in Germany, Turkey, Afghanistan thus we can supply saffron easily via our head of office ( saffron king business company) in Netherlands to Saudi Arabia

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