The largest supplier and seller of saffron throughout Europe, Saffron King Business Company

Importer of saffron to Europe

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What are the best countries to export saffron?Countries importing Iranian saffronExport of saffron to EuropeKing Business Saffron CompanyCompanies Importer of saffron to EuropeExporter of saffron to the United States

What is the best country to export saffron?
What are the countries importing Iranian saffron?
King Business Saffron Company is known as the largest importer of saffron to Europe
in the last 10 years
The company exports saffron to the United States, Australia, Africa, and Asian countries.

Importer of saffron to Europe
Importer of saffron to Europe

What are the best countries to export saffron?

Saffron has many uses and is used in food, pharmaceutical, health, and even chemical industries.
For this reason, this product has its consumer market in all countries
Choosing the best country to export saffron is difficult, but:
The countries that had the most saffron imports in 2021 were China, Hong Kong, Spain, UAE,
and Afghanistan, respectively.
In China, saffron is used as a medicine.

Countries importing Iranian saffron

King Business Company is an importer of saffron to Europe
The company’s products are supplied from Iran, Afghanistan, and part of
the company’s farms in Spain and Morocco
Considering that in the past few months, saffron has been imported and exported from
Afghanistan with difficulty, so:
Most importers of saffron are UAE, China, and Spain
Part of the packaged saffron from Spain, which is exported to other countries, is offered under the King brand

Export of saffron to Europe

The trend of saffron exports to Europe in the first half of 2022 has grown well
More than 90% of saffron imported to the European Union in the last six months isIranian saffron
King Business Saffron Company is one of the reputable suppliers of saffron in the European market
King brand products are 100% quality guaranteed and approved by reputable domestic and foreign laboratories (Eurofins)
Buyers can request a test form at the time of the contract and the company will deliver
the products to them with the approval of the laboratory.

Export of saffron to Europe
Export of saffron to Europe

King Business Saffron Company

One of the important advantages of Saffron King Business Company for its customers is that:
In any of the European countries that have requested saffron, the product will be delivered
to their address in less than 2 to 6 working days.
Bulk saffron is sent to the buyer in 1 to 2 working days
Packaged saffron depends on the customer’s order and for orders of less than 5,000 packages,
saffron is sent in an average of 10 to 15 working days.
This international company is responsible for importing saffron
to Europe and supplying saffron to the following countries.
Czech Republic

Companies Importer of saffron to Europe

Saffron King has special services among the numerous traders and companies
that export saffron to Europe and other parts of the world.
EU nationwide coverage and tonnage saffron supply capacity are important features of this company.
Quality assurance and having international certifications of all King brand products
are other advantages of this saffron importer to Europe.
Bulk orders of customers in all European countries will be sent in less than 3 working days.

Companies Importer of saffron to Europe
Companies Importer of saffron to Europe

Exporter of saffron to the United States

Last week, 11 kilos of saffron were sent to the United States from the German branch
of King Saffron Company
This amount was issued at the request of the purchasing companies and to test the product.
Soon, the main negotiations for a contract to buy 500 kg of saffron with
these European and American companies will take place. (importer of saffron)
Buyers of the King brand now receive their orders at Washington Customs
The King brand sales office in the United States will soon be in the administrative
process and will be officially operational

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