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Sale of bulk saffron in Europe

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The price of bulk saffron is updated dailySelling all kinds of saffron with test sheetsSellers of bulk saffronSale of bulk saffron in EuropeBuy saffron and the price of different types of saffronBuy and sell Iranian saffronPurchase price of bulk saffron in Iran

What changes will be the purchase price of bulk saffron in Iran in 2023?
The most reputable Sale of bulk saffron in Europe offers its products to the buyer with a test form.
Join us to get the daily update price of quality saffron and buy from the biggest saffron sellers.

Sale of bulk saffron in Europe
Sale of bulk saffron in Europe

The price of bulk saffron is updated daily

Red gold sales are growing well in recent months
We are approaching the harvest season of the new crop year and pure saffron has decreased in the market
Individuals and companies that have saffron from last year also want to sell their saffron at the highest price.
On the other hand, the purchasing power of people and consumers is low
This is the price difference created by the sellers of bulk saffron
Practically, the sale and purchase of this product has faced slowness and stagnation
Currently, the price of a kilo of Negin Saffron, updated today, is between 1980 and 2350 Euros in the market.

Selling all kinds of saffron with test sheets

Saffron product has many nutritional and medicinal values
The buyer mostly agrees to get this product from centers that can guarantee quality
Saffron King Business Company presents its products to customers with a test and quality confirmation form.
It is important to note that the product laboratory sheet is only available to buyers who request this laboratory sheet themselves.

Sellers of bulk saffron

One of the advantages of the most reputable Sale of bulk saffron in Europe is the global coverage of the European Union
In any of the European countries you are in, you can have your ordered product delivered in the shortest possible time (24 to 48 hours)
If you are an economic activist and you can be active in the field of selling King Saffron brand, you can also contact the dealership and sales department of the company and get the activity code.
Contact us to receive the sales agency of King Saffron brand in the European Union.


Sellers of bulk saffron
Sellers of bulk saffron

Sale of bulk saffron in Europe

Approximately 8 types of products are offered in bulk saffron sales centers in Europe
Extra saffron
Super Negin Saffron
Saffron bunch or screw girl
Saffron root
Saffron Restaurant
Saffron powder

All products are available in 3 quality grades N, A and A +
Quality grade N is offered for sale in the domestic market and grades A and A + are for export to international markets.

Buy saffron and the price of different types of saffron

How to buy saffron from Saffron King brand, one of the big sellers of European red gold:
Dear buyers, you can buy your product from this collection in several ways.

For wholesale sales over 50 kg, it is necessary to be present in the company’s office
In this way, the initial negotiations about the order are done by phone and video call, then the product sample is sent to the customer, and after confirming the sample and initial agreements, an in-person appointment is arranged for the buyer and in one of the branches. The company will sign and execute the final contract
Partial purchases through phone calls and online purchases are more convenient for the buyer as well as the company.

Buy saffron and the price of different types of saffron
Buy saffron and the price of different types of saffron

Buy and sell Iranian saffron

Saffron King Business company is a seller of Iranian saffron, Afghan saffron and products of Spain and Morocco.
Saffron King brand sales branches are located in different cities and countries and buy and sell Iranian saffron and other countries producing this product.
Saffron King brand in countries:
United Arab Emirates

… and other countries have a saffron agent and sales representative

Purchase price of bulk saffron in Iran

There are many predictions about the increase in saffron prices in Iran for 2023
Farmers had unsuccessful harvests on their farms last year
Last year’s harvest was very low.
This caused most farmers and activists in the field of saffron cultivation to turn to saffron cultivation in protected areas and greenhouses.
If saffron is planted in a greenhouse in a scientific and logical way, it can compensate the deficit of the crop harvested from the fields.
Saffron King Business training unit offers specialized training courses and special training services in the field of saffron planting and production
The company’s products are produced directly by the company’s production unit on farms and greenhouses, and some are supplied by suppliers under the supervision of the company.
This makes the price and quality of King brand products much better than the market

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