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Prices of saffron bulk and packaged saffron

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Buy 1 kg of grade A saffronHow much is the bulk and packaged saffron?Prices of packaged saffronPrices of saffron bulk this monthWholesale saffron
Wholesale saffron prices in Italy

What is the wholesale of saffron this month?
The Prices of saffron bulk and packaged saffron in the international market is between $ 1.5 and $ 3.
Purchases of 1 kg of Grade A saffron have increased slightly this month.
In the following section, we examine the bulk and packaged saffron.

Buy 1 kg of grade A saffron

Buy 1 kg of grade A saffron
Buy 1 kg of grade A saffron

Where and how to buy quality wing saffron?
In answer to this question, we must say that: it is better to buy saffron from companies that guarantee the quality of their products.
King Business Company is one of the largest sellers of saffron.
The quality of our companies’ products is 100% guaranteed.
The average price today for buying 1 kg of Grade A saffron is between $ 1,200 and $ 1670.

How much is the bulk and packaged saffron?

In the above part, we saw the prices of various products.
In wholesale, we usually see less variety of packaging.
Usually the types of packaging are made of glass, metal and paper or plastic.
Some bulk packaging features affect the quality of products.
In fact, the type of packaging affects the Prices of saffron bulk.

Prices of packaged saffron

When products are packaged, their value actually increases.
Product quality, good visibility of products and strong advertising are important principles of saffron sales.
See the prices of packaged saffron.
A one-gram package sells for $ 3 to $ 7 and in some online stores for up to $ 15.
Yes – the type of product as well as the type of packaging has a direct impact on the price.

Prices of saffron bulk this month

Prices of saffron bulk this month
Prices of saffron bulk this month

This month, the price of products has increased by 5%.
The Prices of saffron bulk this month is between $ 1250 to $ 1680.
This price increase was due to customs conditions and saffron export conditions.
Of course, we currently have enough saffron in our warehouses.
Contact us to buy the highest quality products.

Wholesale saffron

The price of saffron in wholesale is much lower than in retail.
Due to the fact that we are the wholesaler of saffron, the minimum purchase amount is in 2000 gram packages of 2000 packages. That means 2 kilos of red gold
If you want to receive the products in bulk, our package is 250 grams, which is the minimum purchase amount of 1 kg of saffron.
Of course, the supply of saffron in our company in 2021 is between 19 to 22 tons.
This shows the greatness of our company.

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