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The best saffron Price Fluctuation

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For what purpose Saffron is used?Price Fluctuation of The best saffron

There are several variables that affect the price of saffron.
The first discussion is about supply and demand.
This year was a year in which saffron production was accompanied by an acceptable increase compared to previous years. In other discussions, the price of global currencies also affected the price of this product.
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The best saffron Price Fluctuation

For what purpose Saffron is used?

For what purpose Saffron is used? Saffron is a consumer product with both food and medicinal consumption. Most of the production of this product is also sent abroad for export.
Therefore, it can be promoted as an export-oriented commodity.
According to the annual experience of the saffron market, at the beginning of the saffron harvest season (December), export demand is increasing in destination countries due to the Christmas and January holidays. However, this did not happen with the outbreak of the Corona virus, and we did not see an increase in export demand during this period.

For example, China is one of the export destinations of our precious saffron … First, this export market was targeted with the coronavirus epidemic, and then it spread to the domestic market of our country and other parts of the world.
These cases led to a significant drop in demand, particularly consumer or food demand for such goods. Therefore, we saw a decrease in saffron exports during this period. Thus, this year, we faced a serious decrease in export demand as well as increasing the level of production and supply.

Given the increase in cost, production costs and inputs over the past two years, and the increase in product price stability, future price increases should be such that the benefit goes to the farmer if the saffron mafia benefits from this price increase against farmers.
will end. Good saffron production requires cold and dry weather conditions with fertile and rich soils and irrigation facilities with adequate rainfall.
Saffron flowers are harvested early in the morning and die very quickly.

Saffron has a distinctive aroma derived from chemical compounds such as picrocrocin and safranal.
It also contains crocin and natural carotenoid chemical compounds that make saffron golden yellow.
These properties, besides its medicinal properties, make it a valuable ingredient in many foods around the world.
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Price Fluctuation of The best saffron

Price Fluctuation of The best saffron Price Fluctuation of The best saffron is mostly due to the major world currencies that have had a great impact on the price of this product.
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