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The bulk price of saffron in the market

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Wholesale premium saffronPrice per kilo of saffronSaffron market and its price growthBulk price of saffronExport of saffronBuy premium saffronThe highest quality saffron in the marketSale of saffron from the most reputable seller of saffron
The bulk price of saffron in the market

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Price increase per kilo of saffron this month
The latest wholesale bulk price of saffron in the market
Introducing the largest wholesale center of premium saffron in Iran
The easiest way to buy premium saffron from the manufacturer
Investigating the trend of saffron exports in 2021

Wholesale premium saffron

Wholesale premium saffron
Wholesale premium saffron

In the saffron market, there are two main groups or categories of sellers.

Saffron Retailers
Bulk saffron sellers (wholesale)

In fact, companies and those who are in the retail category are also among the buyers of kilo and bulk saffron.
Therefore, it can be said that the most important sellers of red gold are a group of wholesalers who offer quality products.
Saffron KING is a reputable brand in the field of wholesale saffron in the markets.

Price per kilo of saffron

This month, the price of one kilo of premium saffron has changed.
Red gold sales have risen 4 percent this month.
The price of each kilo of saffron is between 1250 to 1780 dollars.
But in retail, the price of one gram of saffron is very different.
The bulk price of saffron may be around $ 2 to $ 2,500.

Saffron market and its price growth

Climatic conditions are very influential on the quality of saffron.
The amount of planting this product and the number of buyers are very influential in the growth of red gold prices.
This year, a large amount of saffron was planted, but due to the decrease in imports and exports in the world market, prices changed a lot.

Bulk price of saffron

Bulk price of saffron
Bulk price of saffron

The price of saffron is expected to increase next year (after collecting saffron flowers in the new year).
For the reasons mentioned above, the bulk price of saffron will increase.
The price of saffron may be around $ 2 to $ 2,500.

Export of saffron

Due to the spread of COVID_ 19 virus, saffron exports decreased.
KING Business is registered in Europe and has faced fewer obstacles to the export of red gold.
Our company is international and has sales branches in most countries, and in the current situation, it has expanded its activities.
Wherever you are in the world, we can offer you red gold in that country.

Buy premium saffron

King  companies are producers, wholesalers and exporters of red gold.
Our company’s agricultural farms are located in Ghaenat region of Iran and in Herat city of Afghanistan and all planting stages are managed under the supervision of our experienced experts.
The sales branches of this company are known in most countries of the world as the most reputable shopping centers for premium saffron.

The highest quality saffron in the market

Scientific and specialized production of products
Product processing using equipped machines
Quality packaging tailored to the tastes of the destination market
Direct and immediate supply of the product
The price is affordable and commensurate with the quality of the red gold

Sale of saffron from the most reputable seller of saffron

Sale of saffron from the most reputable seller of saffron
Sale of saffron from the most reputable seller of saffron

One of the most reputable saffron sellers is King Business Company.
The process of planting and producing saffron, processing, packaging and export method of King Business Company is completely specialized.
Our team researches the market.
Saffron customers and buyers, the amount of gold imports and exports of the companies that use this product, and all aspects of the work are reviewed by our team, and then we produce products that are exactly suitable for the same market.

These factors play a role in selecting Saffron King  brand products as the highest quality saffron in the market.
While the sales services of this company are very high and important.

If you want to buy the highest quality saffron, you can contact our experts.

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