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Is saffron expensive than gold?Wholesale Supplier of Top notch saffron

To buy genuine and high quality saffron, you should buy this product from reputable agencies; Because these agencies distribute packaged saffron with well-known brands and offer the original type to their customers. Original saffron has a very beautiful color and also has an excellent aroma and is used as one of the spices that can improve the color and taste of food and quality. Top notch saffron is sold by this center.

Top notch saffron Wholesale Supplier

Is saffron expensive than gold?

Is saffron expensive than gold? Iranian ocher with the title of red gold has a high export price. Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world. The history of saffron cultivation in Iran dates back to more than 3000 years ago. Harvesting saffron requires a lot of physical labor to pick the flowers from the ground and take them to the final packaging.

The harvesting process, in addition to the distinctive taste, smell and color, makes it the most expensive seasoning in the world. Saffron is used as a color and spice in kitchens around the world. It may soon be widely used for medicinal purposes. Saffron is a spice that is very difficult to harvest.

Most of the effort is spent on saffron in Iran, because in order to obtain one kilogram of dried saffron, farmers have to separate 170,000 flower seeds from the stigma for long hours and dry them with great care, despite the great effort of Spain after purchase.

Iranian saffron is packaged and exported to other countries at several times the price, which is why it is said that Iran is the largest producer and Spain is the largest exporter of red gold. what is saffron used for In response to this we can say that saffron is used in many foods.

Wholesale Supplier of Top notch saffron

Wholesale Supplier of Top notch saffron Cheap saffron types are offered through reputable sales centers due to their reasonable prices. Cheap saffron has different qualities and has different quality grades. Some saffron offered in the market have lower prices than other types of saffron, which can be used for daily consumption due to their cheap price.

These saffron have the same properties as other saffron and have the original flavor of saffron. But the most important thing that can affect the quality of saffron is the brand purchased, because many novice and anonymous companies have started to produce and package saffron that has no nutritional value, but with the counterfeit Products cause harm to the body. saffron history goes back thousands of years.

Note that cheap saffron is allowed for consumption if it is licensed by the Ministry of Health and has a seal of approval on the quality of the product. The position of Iranian saffron in European countries is relatively good. Due to the high quality of this Iranian product, it has been able to find a good position in many European countries, such as: Spain, Italy, Sweden, and the United States.

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