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Iranian Saffron Distribution Center

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Organic saffronHow much is saffron?Buy premium saffronSell pure saffronIranian Saffron Distribution CenterBuyers of saffronBuy bulk saffron from the store
Iranian Saffron Distribution Center

Where is the Iranian saffron distribution center?
Saffron is one of the most expensive spices on the market.
This product, which has a very beautiful smell, taste, and color, has been able to attract many fans.
That’s why Saffron King sells and exports the best red gold.

Organic saffron

Iranian Saffron Distribution Center
Iranian Saffron Distribution Center

Saffron is widely produced in Iran.
Most of the agricultural lands are in Khorasan and Ghana.
These areas have favorable conditions for planting saffron.
It has a suitable climate and fertile soil and the highest quality organic saffron is produced in these cities.
Our company also has agricultural farms in Iran and Afghanistan.

How much is saffron?

The price of one kilo of saffron in the market is between 980 to 1250 dollars.
In retail saffron, the price of one gram of saffron is between 2.5 to 6 dollars.
In online stores, the price of saffron is very variable.

Buy premium saffron

Buy premium saffron
Buy premium saffron

Because we are a producer of saffron, so you can buy the highest quality saffron at the best price from the farmers of our company.
Also, the experience of our farmers in planting and maintaining saffron has increased its quality.
Dear customers, you should be aware that some people bring counterfeit saffron into the market.
You should be careful when buying premium saffron and it is better to buy from a reputable company.
It is the distribution center of Iranian saffron (Saffron King Company).

Sell pure saffron

Characteristics of organic and pure saffron are its color.
When you add a small amount to food, it becomes colorful.
High coloring power is a prominent feature of this product.
The smell of organic saffron is another thing that can be distinguished from counterfeit saffron.
The taste of saffron is a bit bitter and this is its most important diagnostic feature.
Of course, the bitterness of saffron is fleeting and not bad at all.
The smell and taste of organic saffron should not change over time and maintain its original quality.

Iranian Saffron Distribution Center

Iranian Saffron Distribution Center
Iranian Saffron Distribution Center

As you read in the previous section of the article: Saffron with its unique properties is welcomed in many foods, cakes, and sweets.
Iranian Saffron Distribution Center offers you all kinds of red gold at the best price.

Buyers of saffron

Pharmaceutical companies, packing factories, and chocolate factories are among the buyers of saffron.
The online store is the most reputable good place for you to buy the products you want.
Our company’s sales branches are always ready to provide services to you.
Saffron sales managers are ready to register your order in the system and provide you with saffron at the earliest opportunity.
Because the quality of our products has been approved by the laboratory, so you, dear customers, can visit our sales site to buy quality saffron, and contact our experts and register your order.

Buy bulk saffron from the store

Buy bulk saffron from the store
Buy bulk saffron from the store

A safe purchase is very important for customers.
Our company is one of the most reputable centers for buying bulk saffron.
We specialize in the sale and export of bulk saffron.
You can buy a variety of products in various packages from King Store.
While the quality of all products is 100% guaranteed.
We present all the standards and ISOs related to saffron along with orders.
Do you also want to buy the highest quality red gold from our company store (from Saffron Shopping Center)?

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