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Wholesale of tested saffron

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Price per kilo of saffron with test sheetWholesale of tested saffronWhat is tested in the saffron test sheet?Factors studied in the saffron analysisSale of bulk saffron with laboratory analysis sheetThe minimum purchase amount of exported saffron by testing

Where is the saffron wholesale center tested in Germany and the Netherlands?
What is the difference between the price of each kilo of saffron with a test sheet and
one kilo of untested saffron?
What items are analyzed in the saffron test sheet?
Contact Saffron King Business to buy from the largest wholesale saffron sales center
with a standard laboratory analysis sheet.
In your opinion, what is the minimum purchase amount of exported saffron by testing?

Wholesale of tested saffron
Wholesale of tested saffron

Price per kilo of saffron with test sheet

In this section, the price of a kilo of saffron is checked at the production rate.
If you apply for a lab certificate, you will be charged separately.
Saffron The result of the tested saffron varies according to the place where it is planted.
As follows:
Products that are produced on farms outside the city have a different quality from saffron
harvested from greenhouses or farms in urban areas.
The location of the saffron plant in the field can also change the result of the crocin percentage of the crop.
(The percentage of crocin produced in the lower part of the farm is different from the saffron harvested at the high price of the farm)
Similarly, the product that is harvested at the beginning of the season,
when sold at the end of the season, must be re-tested for the amount of microcin or the aroma of saffron.

Wholesale of tested saffron

Saffron King Business is one of the active centers in the field of major saffron sales.
The company has sales offices in 27 European countries and some other countries such as Dubai,
China, the USA, etc.
All these branches are active in the field of selling saffron per kilogram.
You can receive your order in Germany or other countries with a laboratory sheet.

Wholesale of tested saffron
Wholesale of tested saffron

What is tested in the saffron test sheet?

Before examining the tested items, it is necessary to pay attention to one point:
Laboratory sheets are used for various purposes.
Different items need to be tested for each industry and each consumption.
3 applications of laboratory sheets:
For customs procedures of the country of origin and destination for the sale of bulk saffron
Consumption of saffron for the pharmaceutical industry
Analysis of saffron for the cosmetics industry
Depending on the field of activity, various items are mentioned in these sheets.

Factors studied in the saffron analysis

There are usually four components to the customs process:
These 4 cases are performed for exported saffron by kilograms with analysis sheets in experiments 3632/1and 3632/2.
While more is needed for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, the type of test is different.
Generally, tests 1197, 16536, 5869, etc. are performed.
The organic saffron test sheet is very different from other products.
Of the 400 tons of saffron produced annually in Iran, a high percentage is organic.

Sale of bulk saffron with laboratory analysis sheet

In the past, one of the methods to buy guaranteed saffron for export was to buy with the same documents.
But this issue was not hidden from the eyes of some fraudsters.
So many abuses of these documents were committed.
From about 4 years ago until now, Saffron King Business has been providing documents to all its clients.
But after that, to prevent any abuse and respect for your trust, dear customers,
all documents will be sent at the customer’s request and with the order.
Please note that the time for issuing the original laboratory sheet is between 3 to 5 working days.
This test is for your order only.

Sale of bulk saffron with laboratory analysis sheet
Sale of bulk saffron with laboratory analysis sheet

The minimum purchase amount of exported saffron by testing

In the above section, we examined the conditions for issuing laboratory sheets.
But what is the minimum purchase of saffron with a laboratory sheet?
In the field of wholesale, saffron is traded in different quantities.
The minimum sample size in the wholesale market is 250 grams. (Equivalent to a quarter of a kilo)
The minimum order is at least one kilogram of pure saffron.
Contact the company’s sales department to place an order.

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