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Premium saffron global market

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How can you tell real saffron?buying and selling saffronThe use of saffronGlobal market of Premium saffronsaffron medicinal usestariff rates, export of saffron
Prices of saffron in Germany

Despite this, Iran is the largest producer and also the largest exporter of Premium saffron in the world, but the European countries, Iran, as the main producer of saffron, know, and countries such as Spain in the field of attention.
To help stock a good opportunity provided to saffron for the standard of Iran to the world, be issued, etc.

How can you tell real saffron?

Saffron brand name Clay stigmas with scientific name Crocus is sativus L.
The stigma is actually part of the pistil that is present in the middle part of the flower.
Saffron or red gold is an expensive food and its breeding in agriculture is a valuable business.

buying and selling saffron

buying and selling saffron
buying and selling saffron

One of the problems about trading and buying and selling saffron is the recognition of its originality.
Certainly with the sale of fake saffron a lot of money comes into the hands of dishonest people.
Perhaps it is difficult for many buyers to distinguish the original spice saffron uses from fake saffron. No one likes to notice that after paying too much for the purchase of saffron, his head is gone and what he bought, the saffron was counterfeit.
By recognizing the methods of detecting the principle of fake saffron, you can prevent the profitability of fraudulent sellers.

The use of saffron

The use of saffron for the preparation of food is due to its color, good flavor, which makes it tasty and better result in the cooking of the desired food.
Maybe use saffron counterfeit one color to some extent, to the food used, but regardless of the aspects of the outer use of saffron, such as scent, flavor, and color, we cannot expect positive influences eating saffron from the kind of fake it was.
Saffron is joyful and can have a better effect on the spirit of the person, so stay ahead to recognize the principle of saffron.

Global market of Premium saffron

prices are transparent and the farmer can your product with different conditions and, at fair prices in a convenient opportunity to sell.
Through the saffron exchange, we can become the precious reference of saffron in the world.
With the standardization of saffron with the help of the stock market.

the foreign buyers will be more trusted with the stock exchange and the reputation of the Iranian saffron exchange will complicate the world.

saffron medicinal uses

saffron medicinal uses
saffron medicinal uses

saffron medicinal uses is exported in packages below 30 grams with lower price and profit margin.
All outgoing goods that are worth more than 80 according to customs recognition, are commercial and will be subject to export rules.
Of the countries that have the greatest import in the global market, saffron, they are.

tariff rates, export of saffron

tariff rates, export of saffron in the has been down.
European Union,
Saudi Arabia,
United Arab Emirates

Iran has imposed the highest import tariff rates, despite the large part of global saffron production and exports.

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