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Is Saffron good for skin?Wholesale Market of Premium saffron
Premium saffron

For ideal storage, saffron must be protected from light and moisture. The best storage containers for saffron are first metal containers and then colored glass containers. Plastic containers are not suitable for storage, because in a short time, its essential oil is reduced and its quality is reduced. It is also better to use it as a powder or its powder in a short time; Because its aromatic essential oil evaporates from the powder sooner. For more information about Premium saffron Wholesale Market, visit our site.

Premium saffron Wholesale Market

Is Saffron good for skin?

Is Saffron good for skin? Recent research in the United States has shown that quercetin in saffron has a beneficial effect on the spinal cord, blood pressure, cerebral edema, and skin papilloma in animals. Other research has shown that bile increases plasma oxygen and has anti-cancer effects. Other research has shown that bile can lower triglycerides and cholesterol. Studies conducted in Spain have also shown that in part of this region, the reduction in heart disease is likely due to the constant consumption of saffron.

Analgesic, anti-depressant, anti-toxin, anti-edema, anti-oxidant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-gas, anti-tumor, sexual enhancer, heart tonic, free radical scavenger, abortion, diaphoretic, digestive, rule Antihypertensive, sputum expectorant, blood thinner, cholesterol lowering, antihypertensive, narcotic, nerve tonic, neuroprotective, analgesic, stimulant, stomach tonic, uterine tonic.

  • 1- Unfortunately, due to the high price of saffron, sometimes there are frauds in its supply. One of the most important frauds of saffron is the burying of colorful flowers. This plant is commonly referred to as American saffron (American saffron) and is completely different in composition and effects, but they are similar in appearance.
  • 2- Saffron fake products can be well identified by microscopic methods or analysis of essential oils (aroma).
  • 3- To make saffron finely powdered in small mills, it is better to add one or two cubes of sugar to about 1 to 5 grams, and also saffron can be softened and pulverized directly in a small mortar mostly made of marble.
  • 4- In a research conducted by Salehi Surmaghi et al in 1996 on saffron essential oil, among the important ingredients in it, safranal 2%, pentane 8%, pentanol 7%, butanoic 25% and betaalman, 5 / 5.3% report were. It is very important to note that safranal, which is considered to be a toxic substance, is very low or absent in Iranian saffron, and the proportion of this substance in some saffron is relatively high elsewhere in the world. This point clarifies the preference of Iranian saffron over other types.
  • 5- To use saffron in food or beverages, you can use the powder directly, or add a little warm water on the powder and let it sit for a few minutes and then mix it with a small spoon.
  • 6- There are different types of saffron in the world including: Gatine saffron in Austria; Kozani saffron in Greece; Spanish saffron, very similar to Asian and Persian saffron; Similar is Iranian and Indian saffron.

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Wholesale Market of Premium saffron

Wholesale Market of Premium saffron Wholesale Market of Premium saffron We distribute this product all over the country at an affordable price. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about saffron medicinal uses.

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