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The best saffron market value

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Is Saffron very expensive?Market value of The best saffron

The price of The best saffron varies depending on its type and quality and also the packaging of saffron. The wholesale price of saffron is always cheaper than the retail price. You can buy packaged saffron in high quantities from us at a cooperative price and then distribute it in your city. If you want to work in the field of saffron distribution and sales agency, you can get the saffron you need from our company.

The best saffron market value

Is Saffron very expensive?

Is Saffron very expensive? Saffron is one of the most valuable spices in the world, selling for more than $ 500 per ounce. Because it is a very complex product to harvest. Each flower has three small pens in the center. These must be carefully removed and dried by hand. To prepare one kilogram of saffron, saffron growers have to pick 500,000 saffron flowers from the ground one by one and gently, considering that the harvest season of this product is autumn and the air is cold, and the harvesting work becomes more difficult.

This plant needs protection against certain pests and diseases as well as rodents and herbivores. saffron nutrition data Workers should keep in mind that frost in case of cold or excessive plating causes frostbite of this plant. Other factors such as soil, suitable climate, planting method have a great effect on obtaining good saffron benefits. Saffron bulbs remain in the soil for 5 to 7 years.

Saffron is a subtropical plant that should be grown somewhere with mild winters and hot, dry summers. Saffron sleeps in summer and should not be rained or irrigated during this season, which is why it is not possible to grow in wet climates such as the north or south of the country.

Market value of The best saffron

Market value of The best saffron Due to the high value of saffron, some profiteers try to cheat in the sale of saffron, which you can pay attention to in order to buy high quality saffron.

  • Always buy saffron from reliable people and reputable stores.
  • Note the color of saffron. Fake saffron in water immediately turns dark orange and gradually becomes blacker.
  • Saffron strings are trumpet-like and it does not matter how they are harvested.

Never sacrifice price for quality. There is no unreasonable cheapness, and saffron is likely to be less than the actual price of poor quality or counterfeit. Due to its high price and added value, saffron has unfortunately been exported in bulk to various countries, including Italy, in recent years. In those countries, it is offered in the world with stylish and suitable packaging at several times the price and with a non-Iranian brand.

Also, saffron onion, which is also very valuable, is exported to different countries, including Afghanistan or China, and is produced with low quality under the name of Iranian saffron. In recent years, fortunately, with the implementation of laws banning the bulk export of saffron and saffron onions, this economic loss to Iran, which is the largest producer of saffron in the world, has been prevented to some extent.

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