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Saffron export data in 2021

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Which country has best saffron?Exporting data of the best saffron

Export of saffron for food and medicine has been common since ancient times. Iran supplies more than 95% of the world’s saffron and is the world’s largest saffron exporter. In fact, Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world. Iranian saffron is also known as the best type of this plant in the world. In the following, we will talk more about saffron export data.

Saffron export data in 2021

Which country has best saffron?

Which country has best saffron? If we think a little about buying saffron, probably one of the first questions that comes to mind is where the best saffron in the world is grown?

Every person who uses this expensive seasoning, every time he intends to buy this product, seeks to find the first-class saffron, the best saffron in the world, because sometimes second-class and third-class saffron do not have the famous taste and smell of saffron. . Therefore, the buyer must pay attention to this point and identify the best when buying saffron, so that he can be comfortable about the cost of buying saffron, and saffron is accepted by such people who are the first in the world and show Has a global standard.

If you want to know the answer to the above question, join us until the end of this article to review all the questions about saffron in the minds of all consumers and traders of this popular spice and provide a suitable answer for all of them.

According to what has been said, you must have realized that in the past Iran was the only exporter of the best saffron in the world, but in recent years many countries, including Afghanistan, India and Spain, can be said to be a serious competitor in the new era. Iran is one of the saffron exporters and has entered this lucrative trade. It is interesting to know that the UAE has become a saffron exporter without even a little saffron cultivation.

The reason for the popularity of saffron in the world is its many health benefits. The saffron benefits are: the ability to improve respiratory health, optimize the digestive system, relieve pain, improve sleep patterns, reduce bleeding, strengthen heart health, increase blood circulation, prevent diabetes, strengthen bones and improve immune function.

Exporting data of the best saffron

Exporting data of the best saffron Saffron is one of the best and most economical export products of Iran.

How to export saffron in Iran is as follows:

  • Purchase and packaging of saffron
  • Get a standard certificate
  • Get a health certificate
  • Provide a business card

Since the export of saffron in bulk is prohibited, this is a good opportunity to enter the trade of this commodity.

saffron price goes back to the apparent quality of saffron. Export saffron, which has larger and longer strands and does not have fractures and has a higher coloring power, will also have a higher price.

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