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Selling saffron

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Selling saffron

Where can we buy first-class saffron at the best price?
Which is the most reliable site for selling saffron in Europe?
Saffron King Business is a wholesaler and exporter of saffron to
Europe and other countries of the world.
The products of King’s export saffron store are offered at the production price.

Selling saffron
Selling saffron

Saffron price

Currently, the selling price of saffron in Europe is between 2490 and 2760 €.
These prices are related to the wholesale of the product.
If you have visited the Saffron online store, you will see that
the price of each gram of red gold is between 8 and 12 euros.
The type of product package affects the retail price of red gold,
and 1 gram of saffron may vary between 3 and 6 euros in different packages.

Buy saffron at the best price

It can be said that 100% of European buyers consider the quality of red gold to be important.
This group of customers wants to buy pure saffron at a reasonable price.
Major buyers of red gold have sufficient knowledge of the saffron product.
Therefore, they buy this product from King brand saffron store.

Export saffron store

King brand products have a %100 quality guarantee.
All types of saffron sell well in the European market.
Saffron King Business offers products online and in person.
Saffron is sold wholesale in all branches of the King brand.

Export saffron store
Export saffron store

Wholesale of saffron

Who are the main buyers of Iranian saffron in Europe?
The red gold harvested from Iran’s agricultural fields is approved by international buyers of this product.
King Business has been supplying the best Iranian saffron in Europe,
America, and around the world for more than 12 years.
King saffron wholesale branches in the countries:
United Arab Emirates

Saffron online store

Is it possible to buy 100 kilos of saffron online?
Saffron is sold in retail and wholesale by King Business.
King brand sells red gold globally.
Therefore, any amount of saffron that the buyer needs can be sent to his address easily and online.

Export of saffron

European countries each have their own customs tariffs.
The Netherlands imposes a 21% tax on the import of saffron.
Germany has a lower tariff than the Netherlands for importing saffron to its country.
How does King Business export saffron?
In the entire European Union, the customer’s order is delivered to his address.
In destinations where the King sales branch is not currently open, we deliver
the customer’s order behind the customs.

Export of saffron
Export of saffron

Selling saffron

How is buying saffron from King’s export saffron store?
As mentioned, saffron is mainly sold in this international company.
In the online store, various packages, product grades, and prices are listed.
If you want to buy red gold in retail packages, the minimum order
of each weight is 500 to 1000 pieces of each weight.
Lower quantities will be sent to the buyer at a consumer price.

Saffron store site

Buying and selling of all kinds of products and goods are done on different sites.
In the red gold business, between 85 and %90 of the sales activity is done through store sites.
Buyers go to the Selling saffron site and buy the product they want.
Farmers who intend to sell their products refer to the Red Gold buying site.
the site and buy the product they want.
Farmers who intend to sell their products refer to the Red Gold buying site.

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