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Seller of saffron harvest 2022

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Saffron price increase in 2022The price of saffronSeller of saffron harvest 2022This year's saffron wholesaleSells bulk saffronDirect purchase of saffron from the producerWholesale of saffron
Seller of saffron harvest 2022

Is the increase in the price of saffron in 2023 a reality?
How much is this increase?
We will answer these questions below.
Who is the seller of saffron harvest 2022?
If you want to buy saffron directly from the saffron producer, just contact Saffron King Business.
This company operates in the field of wholesale this year’s saffron.

Seller of saffron harvest 2022
Seller of saffron harvest 2022

Saffron price increase in 2022

It has been two years since the fluctuations of the saffron market have intensified.
This year, we are witnessing an increase in the price of each kilo of saffron in the Iranian market.
The important reasons for this year’s price increase are:
Inflation prevailing in the market
Decrease in production
Lack of high-quality saffron
Decrease in saffron exports

The price of saffron

From the end of the saffron season, i.e. from August, various news from the market is heard.
The news shows that the prices will rise again in the new year.
So that the price of 2022 harvest saffron per kilo reaches $2860 per kilo.
This news has caused some buyers to buy from August and September.
You can see today’s price of bulk and packaged saffron at

Seller of saffron harvest 2022

If you are one of the saffron market participants, you must be familiar with Saffron King Business.
This year, like previous years, red gold is harvested from the fields of this company in different cities.
Most of the productions of this collection are carried out in the cities of Qaenat in Iran, Herat in Afghanistan, the Mancha region in Spain, and Morocco.
If you want to buy saffron directly, just contact Almas Saffron Company.
So that you can safely buy saffron from this Seller of saffron harvest 2022 with any budget.

Seller of saffron harvest 2022
Seller of saffron harvest 2022

This year’s saffron wholesale

Various centers are active in the field of buying and selling saffron.
In general, this year’s saffron and last year’s saffron are sold in these centers.
Every year, with the harvest of new products, the price of which is higher, some people go for the saffron of the previous harvest.
The saffrons harvested this year are more expensive because they have a higher smell and fragrance.

Sells bulk saffron

Various amounts of red gold are traded in the market of saffron wholesalers.
The minimum order amount is 1 kg and the minimum sample amount is 250 grams.
With your trust, Saffron King Business releases only new saffron every year.
This center sells bulk saffron for this year’s 2022 production.

Direct purchase of saffron from the producer

In the past, people who wanted to buy saffron from the producer had to visit the Netherlands branch in person.
But with your acceptance of the products, today you can receive your orders from the company’s branches in Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, etc.

Direct purchase of saffron from the producer
Direct purchase of saffron from the producer

Wholesale of saffron

European orders will be delivered to your door within 3 to 5 working days.
To buy saffron directly from the producer, just contact the sales unit of this company in Europe.
The price of buying saffron from this saffron supplier center is not different in Holland, Germany, and other countries.
In the previous sections, we checked that the important factor in determining the price is the purity percentage of saffron.

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