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High quality saffron Global production

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Who is the biggest producer of saffron?Global production of high quality saffron

Sargol saffron is derived from other types of saffron. By eliminating and separating the whiteness of saffron, a completely red saffron stalk called Sargol saffron is obtained. During the production process of saffron some strands break, also the whiteness may not be completely separated from the spots and as a result the stigmas eventually remain somewhat white, in this case it is called premium saffron. Stigmas do not contain whiteness and are called premium export saffron if they are large and healthy. Therefore, visit our site for more information on High quality saffron Global production.

High quality saffron Global production

Who is the biggest producer of saffron?

Who is the biggest producer of saffron? If you ask two saffron sales centers for the price of one ounce of saffron or one gram of saffron, you will hear different answers. The reason for this difference is the sale price of saffron quality saffron. The higher the quality, the higher the price of saffron. Below, we’ll tell you more about the top-notch and high-quality saffron diagnosis. Another factor affecting the price of saffron is the type of saffron packaging and saffron distribution company.

Different types of saffron packaging have different prices, for example metal inlay packaging is more expensive than envelope packaging. Saffron distribution companies will change the selling price of saffron in their companies depending on the costs they incur for saffron production and distribution. For example, a saffron sales center in Tehran pays saffron buyers more, that is, they buy saffron from the supplier and put it on the market after calculating the saffron transportation and storage costs and adding the profits.

If you want to buy a kilo of saffron, you can buy all kinds of saffron from us as collateral. As we are the manufacturer of saffron, we purchase saffron directly from local farmers to supply the saffron in bulk. This eliminates saffron trading intermediaries and saves many costs. Bulk purchase of saffron from the farmer both ensures the quality and authenticity of the saffron and prevents false increase in saffron prices. The first origin of saffron cultivation was in this region. The history of saffron cultivation in the Ghaenat region goes back 700 years. Saffron is a subtropical herb.

Environmental and climatic factors must be compatible with the growth of the saffron plant so that the saffron harvested from it is of good quality. Due to the suitable altitude above sea level, fertile soil and land for saffron, favorable climate and compatibility with this plant; The saffron of the Ghaenat region is known as the best saffron in Iran. For more information on the largest exporter of saffron visit our site.

Global production of high quality saffron

Global production of high quality saffron Global production of high quality saffron is done by our company and we have produced this product with quality and distribute it all over the country at a very fair price. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about saffron imports.

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