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Price per kg of saffron

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Buying kilos of saffronPrice per kg of saffron 2023Selling 1 kg of Saffron KingKing online storePrice per gram of saffronIranian saffron wholesaleBulk import of saffron to Europe
Price per kg of saffron 2023

What is the price of selling a kilogram of Saffron King in 2023?
How much does the Saffron King online store sell per gram of Iranian saffron?
The Saffron King brand is one of the largest wholesalers of Iranian bulk saffron in the European and American markets.
The price per kg of saffron of King brand is currently 2300 to 3100 euros.

Price per kg of saffron
Price per kg of saffron

Buying kilos of saffron

What is the difference between buying a kilo of saffron from different brands?
Red gold is a valuable food product and at the same time has a very high-quality variety.
When we go to different centers to buy saffron by the kilo, they offer us one type of product, for example, Nagin.
It is almost difficult for the product of two centers to be completely similar to each other.
Because red gold has different qualities according to the place of its production and the way the product is harvested and dried.

Price per kg of saffron 2023

Although we have just reached the second half of 2022, there are many predictions for the price of saffron in 2023.
The common point of these forecasts is that we will increase the price per kg of saffron next year.
In online stores, the price of 1 gram of saffron has reached 18 euros.
Each gram of Saffron King is available for between 8 and 12 euros.
This is the wholesale price of red gold.

Selling 1 kg of Saffron King

Saffron King Business is a red gold production center.
More than 60% of the products offered by the King brand in the European and global markets are produced by the company’s farms.
The selling price of 1 kg of King saffron reached 3400 euros in the market today.
A kilogram of grade A is offered between 2300 and 3180 euros.

Selling 1 kg of Saffron King
Selling 1 kg of Saffron King

King online store

How to buy from Saffron King Business?
This reputable brand is a wholesaler of red gold.
Saffron is sold by the kilo in packages of 250 grams and higher weights (500 grams and 1 kilogram).
Of course, packages of 30 grams, 50 grams, and 100 grams are considered part of bulk sales. online store provides the best Iranian saffron, Afghan saffron, and Spanish red gold to all buyers.

Price per gram of saffron

How is the retail sale of saffron in online stores?
The saffron online sales site, like other online stores, has made shopping easy for customers.
By referring to these web shops, we can easily get the price of each gram of saffron in different packages and finally order the product with the price and package we want.
1 gram of Saffron King in wholesale (at least 1000 pieces of each weight, for example, 1000 packages of 0.20 grams, etc.) costs 6 to 8 euros on average.

Iranian saffron wholesale

Saffron is planted and produced in different countries of the world.
But the quality of Iranian saffron is still known to all buyers of this product all over the world.
Ghana region of Mashhad has a special place in the saffron market of Iran and the world as the oldest red gold production center.
Saffron King Business wholesales Iranian saffron at the production price.

Iranian saffron wholesale
Iranian saffron wholesale

Bulk import of saffron to Europe

The headquarters of the King Business brand is located in Europe.
In addition to supplying saffron from company farms in Iran and the Herat region of Afghanistan, Saffron King Business also supplies saffron from Spain and Morocco.
The sales branches of this brand are located in various European countries, Arab countries, America, etc.
The import of saffron to Europe by this brand is delivered in bulk to the customer’s address.

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