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High quality saffron Distribution centers

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Is high quality saffron in high demand?Distribution centers of high quality saffron

Sargol saffron is actually what most people have in mind about saffron. In addition to Sargol, Sarghalam, Sarrisheh and Mumtaz are also used for this type of saffron. For more information on high quality saffron distribution centers, visit our site.

High quality saffron Distribution centers

Is high quality saffron in high demand?

Is high quality saffron in high demand? Most of the saffron produced in Iran is grown and harvested in Torbat-e Heydarieh and you can usually see it in the Ghaenat saffron market. Most people involved in the production and sale of saffron know that Torbat Heydariye saffron has a larger pen than any other saffron produced in Iran. Most people in the saffron export business know that Gonabad saffron has a better and more pleasant color and aroma than other saffron produced in Iran and try to use this type of seaffron to export saffron. It depends on the traditional cultivation method and the use of groundwater in saffron irrigation around the world.

Straw saffron is actually the red stigma part of the saffron ribbon, 1 to 3mm yellow cream part. Since the relative amount of stigma is higher than that of bunch saffron, its coloring power is also higher. Some people prefer this type of saffron because the stigma is glued to the and the possibility of cheating in saffron is reduced because it is unlikely to cheat in it. Saffron is the most basic and main type of saffron obtained by stacking and drying a series of saffron (cream and stigma together). The creamy portion is usually 3 to 5 mm, and the stigma portion may be shorter or longer depending on the quality of the bile .

Sometimes it is observed that scammers sell the white portion or cream of saffron with the color of cherry or the color of saffron and sell it to people instead of Negin saffron, so it is difficult for ordinary people to identify Negin saffron and is recommended. to buy hay saffron. Soft saffron, also called cracked saffron. As saffron is transported in high volumes, some of it will break, crush and soften due to the many pressures and shocks applied to the saffron due to the displacement. Since this part of saffron has lost its original appearance and beauty, it is carefully separated and presented as soft saffron. For more information on iran saffron export visit our site.

Distribution centers of high quality saffron

Distribution centers of high quality saffron Our company is one of the Distribution centers of high quality saffron and distributes this product with different packages and quality throughout the country. So you can visit our site for more information about the largest exporter of saffron.

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