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How much is a kilo of saffron at the market?

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The price of saffron & quality of saffronWhere does saffron come from?What does saffron taste like?How should I use saffron?What is the price of saffron?The saffron must be harvested by handWhere to Buy Saffron?How do I store saffron?

How much is a kilo of saffron at the market?
Why is Saffron Expensive?
Saffron is one of the most precious spices in the world.
The threadlike red stigmas and the yellow hue they impart are quite literally the stuff of legend.
What is a kilo of saffron?
How much is in the saffron market?
But what is saffron, exactly?

The price of saffron & quality of saffron

No matter how many tales have been told about the spice, a lot of us still don’t know what to do with it or whether its worth the high cost.
Here’s everything you need to know. 
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kilo of saffron
kilo of saffron

Where does saffron come from?

The spice originates from a flower called crocus commonly known as the “saffron crocus.”
It is believed that saffron originated and was first cultivated in Greece, but today the spice is primarily grown in Iran, Greece, Afghanistan, Morocco, and India.
While micro-scale production of saffron does exist in the United States, most saffron found here is imported.

What does saffron taste like?

Saffron is extremely subtle and fragrant.
The slightly sweet, luxurious taste is totally enigmatic it’s tricky to describe but instantly recognizable in a dish.
As annoying as it is to say, you know it when you taste it.

The price and value of saffron (its price) depend on several factors

How should I use saffron?

Grind 2 tsp. saffron threads, along with a sugar cube or a pinch of coarse salt, to a powder with a mortar and pestle or a spice mill to draw out the most flavor and color.
Then add ¼ cup warm water and let cool.
This is the vibrant elixir to use in your paella, buttery saffron rice, and special occasion desserts like saffron rose water brittle.
Of course, this is one of the ways to use saffron.
In the following sections we will examine other methods of using saffron.

How should I use saffron?
How should I use saffron?

What is the price of saffron?

Each flower produces only three threads (stigmas) of saffron, and it blooms for only one week each year.
The saffron must be harvested by hand!
in the mid-morning, when the flowers are still closed in order to protect the delicate stigmas inside.
Saffron is a very useful and expensive plant.

The saffron must be harvested by hand

How much is a kilo of saffron in the saffron market?
It takes about 1,000 flowers to produce just one ounce of saffron.
That’s why you’ll pay $ 4.5 to $ 7 per gram for the real deal.
The price of Afghan Saffron per kilo is between 1700 and 2000.
To make sure you’re getting the best stuff, take a sniff you want saffron that smells a bit like sweet hay.
It should also have all red stigmas, no yellow stamens.

Where to Buy Saffron?

If possible, check your local Middle Eastern grocer.
Saffron king Business and Almas Saffron Jahan Company is the world’s saffron in Europe (the Netherlands and …)
Asia ( IranAfghanistan, …) in Arab countries (Dubai, etc.).
Saffron king Business Company offers the best 100% organic and pure saffron.

Where to Buy Saffron?
Where to Buy Saffron?

How do I store saffron?

Keep threads in a cool, dry, dark place (you can put it in the freezer for up to a year).
Saffron water can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container for up to three weeks.

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